PropSocial is a property platform where our users come together and form a community based on their mutual interest in the Malaysian real estate market. As such, one of the most popular features on our site is the ability to rate and review a property, on whether the resident thinks it is above or below par.

In our promise to bring you a series of top most popular areas and properties, we bring to you the top 8 most reviewed properties in 2020 and some of the comments on the properties that we got from our users. The review will begin with the 8th most popular property, and end with the most popular and most reviewed property.

Top 8 Most Reviewed Property - Setia EcoHill

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Setia EcoHill made the cut into the top 8 of most reviewed properties in the year 2020. While the Editor Review gave this property only 4 stars, the community gave the property a collective rating of 5 stars. The only gripe they had was with the traffic, and even then they gave it 4 stars.

Residents love that the neighbourhood is so green, and one resident even went so far as to say that living at Setia EcoHill is like living at a weekend resort home. They say that living here makes you feel close to nature and that the homes are very well-designed.

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Top 7 Most Reviewed Property - Palm Spring

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Palm Spring is a popular condominium located in Kota Damansara. It carries a western-style ambience, its grounds are paved with tiles and bricks, and the walkways are lined with palm trees as befitting its name.

According to residents however, the density of living at Palm Spring is rather high with 6 blocks and at least 2,100 units. They also grouse that the parking lots are located in a separate building from the residence, and that there is insufficient visitor parking lots for over 2,100 units.

Reviews have however also mentioned the perks of living at Palm Spring. Residents and tenants mention that the condominium is strategically located close to shopping malls, and that the landscaping of the condominium is very well-managed. A later review also mentions that the parking issues have been resolved and that the community has been improving with an increasing number of lecturer tenants.

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Top 6 Most Reviewed Property - Empire Damansara

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Empire Damansara comes in next on the list of most reviewed property in PropSocial. According to reviews, the major perks of living at Empire Damansara are its convenient location and quiet environment despite being close to highways. Residents also like the convenience of having shops below their home where they can go down for food or a quick pick-me-up anytime.

There are however a few complaints about the bad maintenance, and bad workmanship, especially in the waterproofing area. A resident has complained that the toilets in the common areas have water leaking issues and have a bad drainage system. It is also said that depending on your choice of unit, you either get a spectacular view of green hills from the 18th floor upwards, or a less pleasant view of mesh wires on the lower floors.

For more ideas on how it feels like to live at Empire Damansara, visit the PropSocial Community Reviews page for Empire Damansara.

Top 5 Most Reviewed Property - Tropicana Metropark

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Tropicana Metropark comes in next in the list. Located just after what used to be the toll to Klang, Tropicana Metropark is located just off the Federal Highway with a dedicated road from the highway leading into the township. The Tropicana Metropark township comprises office towers, serviced apartments, a mall, a university, and international school.

Reviewers of Tropicana Metropark have nothing but praises to sing about the development. Residents love that they are located smack in the middle of Subang Jaya and Shah Alam, calling it a great place for investment. They say that it is easily accessible, that the facilities blow their minds, and that it is a very luxurious place to live at. According to a resident, the entire concept of Tropicana Metropark seems to be based on Yarra River, Melbourne.

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Top 4 Most Reviewed Property - LakeFront Villa

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Next in the list is LakeFront Villa. Located in Cyberjaya, this luxurious development is as its name indicates, a development of posh landed properties set in front of a lake. This is another development that has garnered nothing but good comments from the residents.

The most outstanding factor about living at LakeFront Villa is its conducive environment to bringing up a family. Residents express praises about the great neighbourhood, peaceful ambience and the complete facilities range made available to them. They also sing of the scenic views that they have from their homes, glorious greeneries, nice designs, and privacy of living in the neighbourhood. The Joint Management Body (JMB) also appears to be active, as over a year ago they carried out an event so that residents and owners could come together and know their neighbours.

You can read more about the great living environment at LakeFront Villa at the PropSocial Community Reviews page for LakeFront Villa.

Top 3 Most Reviewed Property - SS2

Next on the list is the neighbourhood of SS2 with 14 reviews. While not a planned township or standalone condominium similar to the rest of the properties on this list, SS2 deserves a mention of its own because of its popularity.

There is a mixture of good and bad reviews about this neighbourhood. Gripes that residents have on SS2 is the peak hour traffic, and that the landed properties are not a properly gated & guarded community. It is said that break-ins used to be quite rampant in this area, until the residents set up and hired their own community guards. Another issue that annoys the residents is the many potholes on the roads, illegal signages and buntings, as well as the non-civic minded residents who litter the area.

There is however also a long list of perks of living at SS2 according to the reviews. This includes amazing accessibility, convenience, and great food. Residents like that there are plenty of banking facilities within walking distance of home, a morning market, food street, durian stalls, and the area’s easy accessibility to LRT stations and highways. They also like that they are so close to the 1 Utama Shopping Centre and Atria Shopping Gallery.

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Top 2 Most Reviewed Property - Rencana Royale

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Rencana Royale is a relatively new serviced residence located in TTDI, and has gotten second place in the list with 15 reviews from the residents. Completed in the year 2020, this property has gotten reviews even before it was completed, and all of them good.

Reviews that the development got even before it was completed were laments from the community stating how much they love this developer’s work, and wishing that they could own a unit here. Other reviews before the development was completed were praises for the developer, and recommendations to readers to purchase a unit at this development.

Other reviews included praise for Rencana Royale’s great location within TTDI with easy access to highways, and what a great investment it would make with the affordable entry price. There were also praises for the fast-paced development of the building and professional services from the developer.

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Top Most Reviewed Property - Setia Eco Park

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Setia Eco Park has come in the top of the list for most reviewed property in PropSocial with a total of 17 reviews. This is a product of S P Setia, whose two of their developments have made it into this list. As with Setia EcoHill, residents have nothing but praises for Setia Eco Park – and even more so for this neighbourhood.

The residents of Setia Eco Park love the environment of their neighbourhood, and the good security control. They delight in the diverse landscaping, eco-friendliness of the development, great location, maintenance and facilities. They particularly love their beautiful gardens, and the location of the neighbourhood set next to a forest reserve. In fact, almost every review mentions how much the residents love the greenery of living at Setia Eco Park.

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(Written by Isabelle, 2nd February 2021)