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As an invester, what's your strategy in this year? Sell ? Hold ? Looking for different type of property instead of just residential ?

Mind to share your plan ? :)


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for me , location or amenities will be my first choice to invest something in curent property market.

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Yeap. Location comes first. Dont mind to pay extra penny on nice location with amenities.

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I heard... a lot of people in Mont Kiara letting go this year.. ? Hmmm.....

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I think it's a good idea to buy property in those next upcoming hot locations such as Sungai Buloh, Rawang, Semenyih and Cyberjaya. Look at Kota Damansara and Ara Damansara now. Those days it was THE 'upcoming hot locations' and now they are so congested and property prices shot up. I regretted not buying a property from Ara Damansara back then when I had the chance too. Otherwise, I would've made great profit by now :( Now it's too late and it's too expensive for me.

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There is no good time or bad time for property investment as long as Buying with financial affordability and selling in right timing.So Mag,just buy......haha

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Diane,there's lot of MK a property letting go but the price is not cheap..lol..and lot of foreigner owner decided to hold their property as well as our Malaysia curency rate is low right now.

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Must be location first !

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I agreed with @Billy Law - location come first .. the location determine the rental income and rental increase holding power .And of course the appreciation ..
Some of the up coming areas are great on appreciation but not for rental market . However i personally felt MK still a good rental market ( i bought in MK too :D:D )

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As we are drawing closer to the end of 2015, we should start asking - what is your property investment strategy in 2016?? Anyone would like to share??

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