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You are ready to buy a home if you:
- Are financially able to commit to a long loan period
- Can afford the high down payment
- Have a stable source of income
- Are comfortable to live in a single location

Renting is a better option if you:
- Do not have a stable source of income yet
- Have a very mobile lifestyle and have no plans to settle down in a single location
- Do not want the burden of maintaining a property
- Wish to save your money for other purposes


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I always think that buying my own house will be a better choice. But I met people prefer to rent a room/house forever @.@

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I even met some owner renting 2sty link house at Sunway SPK for RM2000 - RM3000 and renting out his//her own house at Desa Park City for RM6500. LOL

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If u can afford .... buy.

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It's not really a choice or option. Those who can afford will surely buy, those who cannot afford, will have no choice but to rent.

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Agrees with @Hayden, but some of those who cannot afford can still choose to be a "hermit crab" and stay with parents, provided if can lah.

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Yeah @Hayden was right.

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Who wanna be BOTAK if got hair !!! (*Direct translate from Canton) hahaha...

Well, it is depend personal in many cases. Like Yunsyn said is true in the market as my cousin doing so last time. Rented out his high monthly maintain property (3-sty villa) which he stay alone and rent a studio unit for his stay purpose. Wise choice? If u wanna have a great living area but high monthly maintainece then go ahead.

But coming to buying a property, sometime is not an action ONE can make it due to power of affordability. Sad to say that but is part of truth that happening in the society.

Well, if got hair WHY wanna be BOTAK ? hahaha

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Yup lol, there's lot of different style of investor out there.

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There is one hybrid scheme rent and buy.