Early morning walks, a roaring weekend of family activities and convenient shop lots all within walking distance. Taman Tun Dr Ismail also known as TTDI, pays tribute to Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman (Nov 4, 1915 - Aug 2, 1973) who was the second deputy prime minister in 1970.

Tun Dr. Ismail was known for his exclusion of ethnic stances in politics. Similarly, the beloved TTDI neighbourhood encapsulates the same traits of being a well-mixed community in terms of ethnicities. He was also known for often sharing his stance and concern over racial polarisation.

The township was established in 1973, when two experienced developers formed UDA-Seapark Sdn Bhd and created what is now a self-sustaining neighbourhood that consistently grows. Sitting on the western fringe of Kuala Lumpur, TTDI is known for its accessibility to both the Damansara areas and the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

The streets of TTDI pay homage to a group of highly admired people who possessed major contributions to education and politics. The streets are named Abdul Rahim Kajai, Tun Abang Haji Openg, Tun Fuad Stephens, Wan Kadir, Leong Yew Koh, Datuk Sulaiman, Zaaba, Athinahapan, Aminuddin Baki and Burhanuddin Helmi.

Taman Tun was originally a rubber estate and was considered rural. Construction only began in 1974 with the vision of a township with a mixture of landed properties, townhouses, condominiums and its own landscaped park. In May 1982, a Dry Market was proposed to replace the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur, which was formerly the go-to wet market in Kuala Lumpur, now a cultural centre. This was when modern-looking shop-offices and car parks were built.

During the recession of 1986, an economic slowdown caused the property market to drop. The management of TTDI proposed lined houses instead. This was to create affordable homes and encourage more home ownership. In August 1988, the temporary oxidation pond built in 1983 which was located opposite the Modern Dry Market was moved further up the bypass and improved to a modern mechanised regional sewage treatment plant. Residents who have lived in TTDI for years were said to be pleased.

Taman Tun Dr. Ismail was awarded the FIABCI Award of Distinction for Residential Property in the year 1994. It was one of the most prestigious awards in the property market at the time. The township has now blossomed into a hub where people gather to experience its lifestyle with new booming business concepts and entertainment facilities.

Taman Tun Dr Ismail is not only a hotspot of entertainment. Its popularity has grown over the years for its attractive ecosystem with families from other neighbourhoods gathering to explore the hiking trails, parks and recreational facilities. Many NGOs have set up their companies to protect the flora and fauna of TTDI.

The destination neighbourhood of Taman Tun has now given businesses the opportunity to serve people niche products with organic and sustainable markets, artisanal cafes and businesses with modern concepts opening all over the neighbourhood. But that’s not all, TTDI has prioritised preserving their roots.

When you drive into Taman Tun, you will see plenty of classic food vendors selling fresh fruits, vegetables and Malaysian delights. The community is not shy in supporting these vendors. In fact, it is a lifestyle to enjoy tea time with food from said vendors. TTDI is definitely a balance of modern businesses and their grassroots.

The former rubber estate is now covered in quaintly designed houses and modern condominiums. The older condominiums seem to have their own sustainable ecosystem within their community. Some owners also rent their offices or stores within the condominium itself. Hairdressers, therapists, music teachers and convenience store owners open small stores and capitalise on their supportive neighbours.

People who live in the suburban landed properties are also blessed with many public parks. They are not shy in promoting their public parks as the community themselves maintain their own neighbourhood parks with park cleaning activities, community gardens and community watch groups in abundance.

The history of Taman Tun Dr Ismail is an interesting one. With its tribute to influential leaders, its intentions have seeped into a bigger picture. A bigger picture has guided TTDI to thrive as the self-sustaining community it has become. If you are interested in a property in TTDI, click here

(Written by Christian Palencia, 8th October 2021)