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Selling a property has never been an easy task. If you are looking to dispose of your property with savings for yourself, you might want to consider selling with

ZeroHero is a Malaysia-based prop-tech startup mainly focusing to help owners sell their properties by offering premium services for zero commission but a low fixed fee. A one-stop property platform with services like photo and video shooting plus 360° virtual tour, so buyers can get what they see online. No more duplicated and low-quality listings with fake prices anymore, a fully transparent end-to-end property platform for sellers and buyers.

ZeroHero was founded by Chief Executive Officer, Jason Yap, a Masters Graduate in Architecture. Yap gained his inspiration into his first venture in the entrepreneurial world whilst he was still practicing as an assistant architect with a personal interest in the real estate industry.

He realised the amount of hassle owners had to put up with in getting their properties sold. “Back in those days when my parents were looking to sell off their property, going through countless viewings with minimal hope, approached more than 60 agents, a few replied and only sold off their property after 1 year. I realised it is too much of a hassle, too little transparency plus they had to pay a hefty 3% commission to the agent” says Yap. He mentioned that he realized a bigger passion and responsibility for him to revolutionize the property industry despite his interest in architecture.

The ZeroHero team with CEO Jason Yap (Centre)

Yap explains, “Looking at other property platforms in the market right now, majority of them is focused on catering agents only. There’s little to no room for the end consumers, the sellers/owners.” He then started ZeroHero to provide an end-to-end solution to connect property sellers and buyers directly, cheaper and faster service with maximum transparency. Yap aims to divert away from the traditional commission scheme that is currently imposed in the market and to focus more on the end consumers. “All that owners need is someone who will actually help them to market and sell their properties with honesty.” Yap added.

ZeroHero is a zero commission property platform, owners may start selling on ZeroHero with just a low fixed fee of RM 999 for premium services such as photo and video shooting plus 360° virtual tour of the property for sale. This is where owners get to showcase the true value of their property to buyers and decreases the number of viewings.

As Yap aims to build a go-to platform for both sellers and buyers, he believes that technology and transparency play a big role. Property buyers nowadays have trouble searching for the right property, suffering from multiple duplicated listings and with different prices, Yap mentioned. Nothing is better than allowing owners and buyers to connect directly on a trusted platform.

With the recent investment raised from IdeaRiverRun (IRR), Yap shares that they will continue to expand as quick as possible to try and reach out to more owners who need help. “There are a couple of expansion ideas in the pipeline definitely, hopefully we are able to expand our platform throughout South-East Asia and integrate more new features to help sellers and buyers in the near future, but for now we focus on expanding nationwide, starting from Klang Valley and to revolutionise how people buy and sell property”. 

(29 October 2021)


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Innovation in property market. Lets see how it goes.