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This sounds interesting. Have anyone attended the 3-Days paid seminar organized by FREEMEN? Would hear feedback from those who has attended.

Zikri white small

They are a very focus bunch. I attended their free Strategem course where Michael Tan the lead person talked about his Freemen course. I was told by many participants its intense but very fruitful if you are really serious about buying many properties and getting financial freedom. Though if you are not ready to put down some serious money and focus you will find their intensity over bearing.

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Thanks Zainal. Will be good if we could hear sharing from those who has attended.

Kate chew small

What's the catch for 'no money down' scheme? How safe is it?

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I attended the free intro course that trying to ask people to sign up for their seminar, apparently they said some of the technique is within the gray area...worth to know more, I wish someone attended the paid seminar can give us more information...this seminar do not seem like con people, well, maybe you can get some network from there at least @.@

Zikri white small

Actually No Money Down is pretty simple. For new properties back during the good old days of DIBS the developer mark up the price. You pay a minimal booking and apply the loan and the developer reimburse you back the booking money as rebates once they get the money from the loan. As for sub sale you buy below market properties and during the signing of the SPA you have agreed with the buyer to state in the SPA the market price and apply the loan using that price. Here it is even possible to get some extra money too.

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Freemen takes No Money Down to the next level. They have managed to stretch it to do No Money Down for multiple properties. The course is not cheap and like I said before very intense and only for those who are serious.

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I tried attending one of their free courses before.. but felt like they just wanted us to pay the RM8k to go for the next course...

Unknown 1 small

the shortfall are high monthly installment ; loan amount to high thus need high income doc to support and etc.

Zikri white small

Yes that is correct but it seems those Freemen people can find solutions for this issue. They only reveal bit and pieces to me so I guess you have to attend the course if you want to know more.

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No money down can be easily obtained via new projects nowadays as developers are giving at least 10% rebate. At the end of the day, you need to manage well with your liabilities with the bank - think well and act prudently... good luck!

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With the current market condition, a bit afraid to buy new properties. NMD to buy below market value subsale properties will be good...

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Most owners are not agreeable to "mark-up" the selling price in the S&P even though their property is no longer subjected to RPGT

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Sounds suitable for young working adults with low income. But what's the catch? I am sure there's pros and cons to this.

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An elderly friend told me recently when I bring up this topic with him. u know what he said...."if u don't have such a big head, don't wear such a big hat" (direct translation from Cantonese)

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@ppnnkk2011, i'm curious ... u mean u bring up the topic of no money down in front the elder or u bring up the topic as well talking about the freemen seminar? LOL

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Nowadays it's easy to buy property without downpayment. Since developer usually offer rebates and credit note to be minus off from the 10% downpayment. So it's mostly up to the buyer to attain the loan. Buyers should always do proper research especially for investment type properties!