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So I've got this really well off cousin who just got married. He had a penthouse in Le Yuan at Kuchai with awesome KLCC views, double storey, private garden etc. Absolutely bea-u-ti-ful place!

Wifey went to take a look on where she would like her future place of residence to be. Took one look at the penthouse views and said NO WAY! Made hubby sell off the place so that they could stay in Seringin Residences nearby instead. Reason being? She was scared silly in the penthouse because she has a fear of heights. My reaction:

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But as I know, Seringin Residences also condo wor, unless they stay at low floors then that would make sense XD

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Get a landed property...

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Yea, actually it's quite common, lots of people are afraid of heights. With the amount of money they can afford to put down for a Penthouse, might as well buy a Bungalow or any landed property. In fact, sometimes landed can be same price as high rise.