Finding a new home is an exciting experience and probably one of the most important decisions you will make. When you buy a house, you also become a part of the neighbourhood surrounding it. Thus, it is essential to live in a place that caters to your lifestyle and needs. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing your next address. We ran a survey asking locals from their neighbourhoods about what makes a good neighbourhood and here are the results.

29.47% Voted for ‘Good Price’

Based on our survey, the first thing that most people look for in their research for a new home in a neighbourhood is a good price. It comes as no surprise that budget is the main factor for most people. The post-MCO market is currently favouring the buyer, given the number of unsold units and private owners who are selling up, so many homebuyers will be taking advantage of this opportunity for a bargain price. Properties in coveted neighbourhoods, with a good price, will be valued above others.

14.57% Voted for ‘Secure Neighbourhood’

The locals’ second most considered factor is a secure neighbourhood. It’s priceless to have the peace of mind of being in a safe place. After all, a good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold. Working parents will have less to worry about whenever their child is out of sight. They will also be more willing to let their child play outdoors if they feel the area is safe. This proves that a secure neighbourhood plays a key role in you and your family’s personal happiness.

13.35% Voted for ‘Amenities and Convenience’

Imagine having your favourite grocery store right next door or within walking distance from your home. You can walk right over whenever you’re out of bread without needing to drive. Once you’ve lived in an area with plenty of amenities and facilities nearby, you'd never feel like moving again. While delivery options are great, you are usually limited to a certain distance before it starts getting expensive. Having the right amenities nearby will help you save more.

12.58% Voted for ‘Better Commute to Work’

Most voters seem to commute to work often since this is the 4th most popular option. Instead of dreading the traffic congestion each day, having a smoother journey to work can help you feel more motivated and productive. You will also save plenty of time and be able to do more in a day. This is why staying closer to work or having public transport options near to home is important for many.

The remaining votes went to the following factors: close to nature (9.60%), good schools (8.94%), location (8.61%), and reputation of the neighbourhood (2.98%). These results have proven that the locals prioritise what makes their life easier. They are more likely to choose a neighbourhood that aligns with their lifestyle. Only few would choose one that provides a better general quality of life.

The locals have decided what’s important to them when finding a new neighbourhood to live in. How about you? Searching for your dream neighbourhood takes time. After all, your final decision should include most, if not all of your priorities. With this in mind, PropSocial has created new Neighbourhood pages to make your property research easier. We have summarised all you need to know about each local neighbourhood in digestible formats. You can also compare neighbourhoods and view properties. All right at your fingertips.

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(Written by Michelle Yoon, 4th July 2022)