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Low cost flats in a good location could generate very high rental return. Entry cost is low. The problem is there are restriction, not everyone can buy a low cost housing. Can anyone with the knowledge share what exactly are the restrictions and is there any exemption in buying low cost unit from secondary market/subs ale? Some agents said... if it is freehold, anyone can buy.... If it is more than 10 years old, anyone can buy... Different state has different rules....


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Ronald will start charging a fee for this...

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You can use PropSocial to check transacted prices too, here's one of the example (scroll to middle page): http://www.propsocial.my/property/1555/petaling-jaya/damansara-bistari and it's free of charge.

You can check on http://www.brickz.my/ too but I think they will charge you after a certain amount of search.

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@jaishin_singh @carmenfoong @azlin Which property transacted price you need 

send it across let me try to look for you ....

for brickz.my they start capturing the data since aug 2014 so some earlier data, due to data integrity issue (if the data is not complete or something is wrong) they will not published into it. need to do some data scrubbing lah...

the only difference between paid and non paid would be by paying, you can know the unit number of the property being transacted 

by not paying you still get to see the data (except the unit number of those condo or houses) 

feel free to let me know what you need to check, just drop me a mail :) 

will reply the soonest, since i am checking on transacted price for my customer's listing most of the time :)

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there are some other sources like star fish, property base, or even jpph search ... depending on what you need...

but for Negeri Sembilan property ,,,, a bit susah... need to go thru my valuer contact :)