Did you know that neighbourhood amenities play a big part in property value and desirability? If a house has no nearby shops, restaurants or groceries, it would not attract as much interest as one with many amenities. What really makes a home is the community that surrounds it. You should always keep an eye on what amenities surround your desired property or investment. We ran a survey to discover the 5 most popular amenities in a neighbourhood among the locals and here are the results:

1. Grocery Store

Our users determined that the most important amenity is a grocery store. Some say that living near a grocery store is a basic necessity. Having access to fresh food will always be a top priority. Especially because of the many benefits it brings.

For one, it offers convenient access to healthier food choices. A large number of Malaysians are becoming more health conscious. Many restaurant foods have high salt, sugar and fat content. On the other hand, when you cook at home, you have full control over the ingredients that go into your food.

See neighbourhoods with easy access to grocery stores:

1. Subang Jaya
2. Bandar Sunway
3. Petaling Jaya

2. Restaurants and Cafes

Having popular restaurants and cafes near your property definitely increases its value. The increased dining options and lifestyle appeal here is attractive to renters. Moreover, the convenience of having good eateries within walking distance is a big plus to food-obsessed Malaysians.

Eating out is a good option on days when you don’t feel like cooking. It is also a necessity for those who don’t cook. Residents who live in a neighbourhood with many food options, would enjoy the chance to sample something new every other day.

See neighbourhoods with good restaurants and cafes:

1. Bangsar
2. Mont Kiara
3. Sri Petaling

3. LRT Station

Did you know that Malaysians spend an average of 1 hour and 12 minutes on the road each day? Enduring traffic jams while driving to work each day, is draining in the long run. This is why homebuyers often prioritise convenient commute whenever they consider an address. A survey respondent said that they enjoy the ease of travelling to different places when living near an LRT station. Being near the LRT station means you can avoid traffic congestion while enjoying seamless connectivity to many parts of Klang Valley.

Owning a property near public transport is a great long-term investment. Over time, the property value and desirability will improve, giving a good return for your investment. A property near the LRT station is a hotspot for renters. So you can always count on receiving good demand from tenants. Read our article on the top neighbourhoods near an MRT here!

See neighbourhoods with nearby LRT stations:

1. Wangsa Maju
2. Kelana Jaya
3. Ampang

4. Green Parks

Green parks are slowly rising on the list of homebuyers’ priorities. Homes near green spaces are desirable to residents who prioritise a healthy lifestyle. Many are even willing to pay more to reap its long-term benefits. A green environment is vital for physical, mental and community health. It also means that the neighbourhood has cleaner air because trees convert carbon dioxide in the air into oxygen.

Some researchers believe that living near nature is likely to increase your longevity. This is because having green parks nearby provides a convenient reason to go outside and get active.

As the cities are growing fast, the supply of urban parks and natural greens start to dwindle. We need green trees in our neighbourhoods now more than ever. Just how important are public parks when buying a home? Read our comprehensive breakdown on public parks here.

See neighbourhoods with many green parks:

1. Kota Kemuning
2. Putrajaya
3. Setia Alam

5. Schools

Choosing a home near a good school can be a smart investment. Most properties near schools with a good reputation are expected to appreciate in value over time. If your house is near a renowned educational institution, it will gain a lot of demand for being in a valuable location. There is a rise in demand for international schools. Any property with close proximity to international schools will be attractive to homebuyers with families.

Having a property near a school also means that your house will be much easier to market to homebuyers or tenants with families that have school-aged children. Parents will not let go of a chance to save time and money on commuting each day.

See neighbourhoods with nearby educational institutions:

1. Puchong
2. Bandar Sri Damansara
3. Cyberjaya

The better equipped your home is with a variety of nearby amenities, the better the value of your home. Easy access to fresh food, dining options, public transportation, green parks and education all play a role that will likely be reflected in the price of your house.

What do you think is the most important amenity to have in a neighbourhood? Share with us in the comments below!

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(Written by Michelle Yoon, 19th August 2022)