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I was in Spore last week. I was amazed by how they could maintain their flats so well. Their HDBs (i'm not talking about the private development there) are well-maintained like our high end condos here. The paint of the building, the cleanliness in the surrounding areas, the lift, the walk way .... all is good. U can hardly see in the outer wall, water leaking patches due to poor workmanship. Even though the y have shops/eateries on the ground floor you don't see rubbish everywhere. Why the difference? Incompetent management here? the attitude and behavior of the occupants? Money factor - non payment of monthly maintenance fee? "Leakages" in the fund collected? Government failure in ensuring rules and regulations are follow? etc etc etc.

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rules and cultures...not strict enough

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Many contributing factors to this. Partly is because generally the attitude and mindset of Singaporeans are rather 'by the book' and 'obey the rules'. So, they will not take shortcuts. As for Malaysians, we are more on the opportunist, shortcuts and cheapest solution kind of people. Hence, the sloppy outcome.

Of course there's also other factors such as management's ignorant attitude and like you mentioned, no enforcement from the authority.

Why do you think we are still a 3rd world country with all the resources we have??? :P

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In a few years time in 2020 we will be developed nation?? Can ah? 

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We hope so but i don't think can laaa...LOLx

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From an article in Malay Mail today:

A survey by the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry last week revealed that more than half of condominiums and apartments nationwide ranked below par in an evaluation of property management standards.

Among the major problems that resulted in such standards were the fact that some residents in condominiums are refusing to pay maintenance fees. Other problems included building defects and matters involving enforcement.