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Different people will have different view on this. Some said students and properties near college/university - parents are willing to spend and give their children the best. Some said expatriates - company is paying the best for them. Some said Bangladeshi workers - not many owners want to rent to them, so even if u charge them very high rental they have to pay. What do you think? Share your thoughts and experience if u are a landlord.


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Well my friend. Sometime company lease tenant not really a good tenant (non good pay master, some even pressed down kao kao on your rental).

I suggest that u do some extra work on your unit to make the rental of your unit more delicious. Way of doing so also can added values to your unit compare with other plain plain and normal unit.

Example, instead of putting normal lighting on the ceiling ... change to decorative lighting (not too expensive type and easy to maintain). This is an example i used to see people do. Other than this, u can do some new painting on bedrooms wall and other some extra work but with minimum spending that create something different from others.

U might can consider.

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Johnson, i think it depends on your target group of tenant; if your target is Bangla don't bother to do that.

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Some Expat don't even want to nego for small discount, wasting their time. They will just compromise, but not to most asian expat.

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At the current economic situation many expat are leaving the country... better not target expats at this time

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A friend told me, short term rental like hotel give the highest rental. 

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For me i would rather have stable ROI than highest ROI ....tenant that pay your rent on time every month would do the job for me :) 

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RIsky-type tenant :)

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Totally agree with Ronald.... stable but not too low lah.

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Stable and High ROI, rent to Banks ofcourse... the likelihood of them running out of cash to pay your rental... is virtually zero.

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@ppnnkk2011 thanks for sharing