Feeling thrilled about starting your home renovation project? Before you begin, it's important to be prepared for unexpected costs that may arise during the process. Qanvast suggests setting aside about 15 - 20% of the total cost of your renovations for any extra costs that might pop up during the process.

Qanvast is the go-to renovation platform for homeowners to browse local home ideas, get matched with reliable interior designers, and get tips for your renovation, all for free. In this article, Qanvast has compiled the 6 reasons for budget overruns during renovations, so that you can be better prepared.

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1. Last-Minute Changes

It's easy to change your mind during the renovation process, but these changes can add up to extra costs. Custom-built items like kitchen cabinets and wardrobes are made based on your exact specifications. Any changes after manufacturing has begun can result in double the costs for materials and labour. To avoid this, finalise your design before placing your order and communicate any changes early on to your project manager.

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2. Debris Removal

Renovation works generate a lot of waste and the cost of debris disposal is often overlooked. Make sure to determine who will be responsible for demolition and debris removal before the work begins. If your contractor has agreed to handle it, ensure that their quotations include it. This way, you can avoid any confusion and ensure that these tasks are properly accounted for in your renovation plans. If your contractor is not handling it, factor in debris removal as an additional cost.

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3. Relocating Large Appliances or Fixtures

The cost of relocating appliances or fixtures can quickly add up. Some tasks may need extensive work, like drilling, rewiring, replumbing, covering holes, and removing old cords. Check with your project manager to see if these changes are possible while staying within your budget. If they are necessary, make sure the cost breakdown is transparent and included in the contract amendment.

4. Property Damages or Defects

Your home may have damages or defects due to poor construction, ageing, or natural causes such as humidity and flooding. Repairing these damages can increase your renovation costs. Hire an inspector to thoroughly examine the property before buying, even if it's a new home.

If you buy a new house, you can report issues to the property developer within a specific time frame to get them fixed without incurring additional repair costs. If you purchase a resale unit, an inspector can provide estimates for repairs to incorporate into your renovation budget.

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5. Temporary Accommodation during Renovation

The mess and disruptions caused by renovations can make it challenging or impossible to live in your home during the construction process. so it's important to consider temporary accommodation. Budget additional costs for rent if needed, especially if the renovation takes longer than expected. If renting another house is difficult, discuss with your project manager to divide the renovation into stages so you can move in while work is still ongoing in other areas.

6. Post-Renovation Cleaning Services

After a major renovation, your home may accumulate a lot of dust. It’s best to hire a professional post-renovation cleaning service to ensure your home is squeaky clean before moving in. While you can clean it yourself, hiring professional cleaners can save time and ensure a thorough cleaning. They may even have better tools to handle certain tasks that you couldn’t.

By being aware of these unexpected costs and budgeting for them, you can avoid budget overruns and have a smoother renovation experience. We hope you have a successful and enjoyable renovation journey!

This article was originally published on Qanvast

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