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Hi guys, what are your 5 major concern when you buy / invest on properties. Share your opinion.

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Hmm, for an investment perspective:
- the rental yield?
- selling price?
- the location? whether it is nearby lrt / brt / restaurants / mall

For my own stay:
- affordable pricing / budget
- condition of the house (subsale property)
- location !

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Location, price, potential for capital appreciation, easy to rent with good rental and availability of public amenities....

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Price, location and the most important factor surrounding, greenery, neighbours and quietness.

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Depends on for investment or own stay. If for investment something like Paramount Utropolis is awesome. Cater directly to students with the apartments within KDU grounds itself. http://www.propsocial.my/property/5168/shah-alam/utropolis

But if for own stay prefer somewhere like Radia Residences. Nice, quiet place with nice quiet shopping area downstairs in nice upmarket area. No public transportation to that area also so you don't get funny people there. http://www.propsocial.my/property/5185/bukit-jelutong/radia-residences

Just visited the Radia showroom yesterday, seriously contemplating getting a unit there. Any opinions?!