P  2c3e50 small

Would like to do a simple survey - which is the top property website in our country. The one that u visited most frequently??


P  2c3e50 small

Mine is Mudah.

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Overall, i think is still the Dai Gor - Secondly is propertyguru the follow by

Proposocial is another kind of unique portal not just property news, listing but also a platform for us to exchange ideas and advice.

Don't you guts think so?

Starcity logo small

mudah, propertyguru, propwall

P  2c3e50 small

It seems that propertyguru is quite popular, I have not really visited this site, will check it out.

Zikri white small

In terms of finding owner leads for us agents mudah is the most useful for me.

R  8e44ad small

I think the leading property website is still iProperty followed by Mudah.

Pic small

there are 2 more actually...

propwall (which is owned by Star Media Group Berhad)

as well as (The Edge Property Malaysia) 

Img 20160726 190259 small :) use this platform advertise....thanks!

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why not try mine too??

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

lolz ! everyone also sharing their own property platform here xD

Pic small

hahahahah Nicholas... I am just trying to get along with the crowd joining them, does not really mean to advertise.. 

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

hahaha, i think it's still okay...give exposure to everyone, now buyers have more choices xD 

Pic small

true true... but each of us have different specialization and area if you ask me lah.... we can be master of all tricks :)

Zikri white small

You can visit my website too :)

As an investor and an agent however, these sites are the best for me:

1. Propwall to get a gauge of the property and the area

2. The Edge Property to get technical data i.e maps and reference price

3. Mudah its the easiest place to find below market properties

My no 1 site to get real raw information is Lowyat. There were times that I wanted to buy or have booked a property that I did not due to the information you get from there.

Kate chew small

Mudah is good for low end properties say from RM300k and below. iProperty and Propertyguru are getting really expensive now and not to say effective. I rather use Propwall. Don't like Durian Property, they took agents' listings without their consent. Yes, although it's free service to us, but that's still not right.

Pic small

oh not to mentioned durian property the viewing system on your ads are totally not correct.... imagine that i have listing advertised not even 2 days i have 500 plus view... way above average..

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

ohh @kate_chew ? how they took agent's listing without their consent? I thought every listing need a registered user on their platform to post it up @@

P  2c3e50 small

never heard of durian property, will check it out .... what a name!

Pic small


all these portal really think agent are making big big money each and everyone charge RM 900 to RM 2k per year advertising cost to agent... ... very very sien

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

that's really so expensive, I think rookie agent sure can't afford that !! somemore as mentioned, all those fake views , that's terrible..but seems like quite lot of agents using them

20150527 023646 1 small

1) iproperty (since the are pioneer in online property adv)

2) propertyguru

3) propwall - i like them as hv prop info, buyers/tenants lists althou some are fakes

4) mudah - heard from other agents good for rental markets

5) propsocial - new, gaining momentum althou hv glitch need to iron out

6) theedgeproperty

P  2c3e50 small

For those of u who has not tried durian********, u can forget about it. Don't waste your time.

Pic small

@ppnnkk2011 ya... i totally give up on the durian********* site long ago... time waster and even the data i posted up is being manipulated.

Jn photo small

I-Property , Propertyguru , Propwall , wwould be the most popular property websites most people are visiting when looking for properties. 

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

hahahha lolz ! this durian ****** seems very bad reputation ahh

Pic small


well you still can find stuff lah... 

the search engine is still working properly

Img 20160726 190259 small

Pic small

Lelong can only advertise property for sale not so much on rental and auction property

Ivy s cover photo small

I Property is more user friendly. 

Starcity logo small

Is anybody using this website?

Ivy s cover photo small

How user friendly is this website? 

Pic small

quite simple to use ... just tried it out :) 

P  2c3e50 small

Ronald, should ask Tony Fernandez to venture into this property portal industry and make it.. "now everyone can advertise cheap cheap"  

Pic small

@ppnnkk2011.... hahahahhaa there are many portal that many can advertise for "FREE" but many misleading ads in it.

our board BO**A are only interested in catching those probation agents and those agent who did not comply to the regulations set by the Board (which some are pretty sad to say outdated regulations)

and never interested in making any enforcement to tackle those "Illegal Agent or so called Brokers in the Market" 

many of the bad reputation or Con-Man arise from those so called Illegal Agent / Brokers that is not attached to any Realtor 

and to the public the perception would be "Those Property Agent lo!" 

in an actual fact those are not even property agent by profession...

Photo  26  small

The following are some of the property websites besides Proposocial:-










Img 5409 small

usually will type the property name in condo and see which website pop up