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Many still think that cyberjaya is an "ulu" place where nobody lives in, and very far away from city. But the fact isn't that. Let me show you what's the fact.
1. If i want to go KLCC from Cyberjaya, it took about 7 - 15 mins (depends on your driving speed) to Bukit Jalil, 10-18mins to Kuchai lama, 20 to 30 mins reach klcc via MEX highway. The only drawback is i need to pass minimum 1 tol which cost me RM3.5 now, there's another tol further up if i want to reach kl city faster. or else by taking sg besi highway will consume alot of time cause it always jam there =(

2. If i want to go airport, it takes me 20 to 30 mins also depends on your driving speed.

So, strategically saying, Cyberjaya is actually sited in between KL city centre and KLIA. It is a infrastructure readied township, and recent 5 years there are many developers came in building a lot of new developments. Some of them are completed, and the owners here are enjoying high rental return. I interviewed numbers of owners here, they were shocked that the rental can fetch that high compare their other places properties.

For example, shaftsbury residence.
A studio suite, 463sf, average launching price was about RM250,000, currently lowest rental for studio is RM1300, highest is RM2000. in return, their ROI is 6.24% - 9.6% !!

1 bedroom, 639sf, average launching price is about RM350,000, currently rental for 1 bedroom is RM1500 to RM2400, ROI 5.14% - 8.2% !!

I have many foreign investors seeing this figure, they wanna buy bulk with me but sadly, our government does not allowed. minimum foreign buying cap in cyberjaya is RM2 million!

TO readers out there, if you are still looking for high rental return property, please look into cyberjaya as well. when you think of cyberjaya, please think of me. Ring me up, i will explain the past and future of cyberjaya for your reference and information.


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hmm interesting, but now still got this price of 250k ? Besides, there is a new mall there now!

P  2c3e50 small

Andy, mainly who are the tenants there? Local/foreign? students/working adults? bachelor/ families? Are u familiar with Cyberia Smarthomes, any comments/advice if someone wants to buy for investment??

Img 0478 copy small

Those with GRR?

 061  img 5963 small

How about Utropolis in Glenmarie? - Apparently, you can rent out to students for the entire unit for more than RM3,000 - 3,500 per month.

C  8e44ad small

Hi all, sorry for the late reply.

Nicholas, i was mentioning their average launching price at RM250k, not current market asking. Currently subsale for shaftsbury study is asking RM350k +-

PNK, according to our data, the major tenant here would be foreigners.

foreigners 80%, local 20%. Student 50%, working adult 50%. family 30%, bachelors or couples 70%. Cyberia smart homes is a more than 10 years property here in cyberjaya, their landscaping were design by our famous landscape architect Sek San if you heard his name before, but due to poor management of the building, it become a low income workers hostel, or budget student hostel. I suggest you can look into Shaftsbury residence if you looking for high rental return investment, or you may look into serin residence as well if you look for capital gain investment.

hi Magdeline, sorry im not familiar with utropolis thus i cant give an accurate information here.

C  8e44ad small

Hayden, the arc is having 25 years GRR return in cyberjaya. as well as mutiaraville phase 1

070215 small

considered a good location

Omar side small

Shaftsbury has higher demand compare to other studio condos. well design, well maintained and superb location....

10982467 10205316255160066 2837784493297210894 n small

Hi everyone, have you guys heard The Place @ Cyberjaya before?

The Place@Cyberjaya is actually right next to Lim Kok Wing University, very high demand. Mostly rent to Lim Kok Wing's student, to be honest, tenants mostly from Middle East & Africa. 

There are 2 towers, Tower 1 is Studio Duplex, is around 480 sqf to 538 sqf. Tower 2 is Studio Room, is around 538 sqf to 739 sqf, 3 rooms or 4 rooms type. The students are more comfortable with the unit in Tower 1.

For this project, MCT as project developer, provide all units in Tower 1 semi furnished and fully furnished for Tower 2.

Let me share about the rental return in The Place@Cyberjaya,

Tower 1 Duplex Semi Furnished Market Rental: RM1,400-RM1,600

Tower 1 Duplex Fully Furnished Market Rental: RM1,700-RM2,000  

The market selling price: RM350,000

Furnitures cost: RM5,000 (Let's maximise this)

Calculation: (RM1,700 * 12 months) / (RM350,000 + RM5,000)= 5.75%

I think this is consider quite high rental return in Cyberjaya.

Thanks for reading :) 

10665064 1429839787238593 333849670721548569 n small

Exactly...indeed a good location for investment or own stay...

Pic small

Yes this is indeed a good place to invest... 

A  c0392b small

If work in KL no way, you can buy a property near cyber and still afford to pay transportation daily to KL and work..

Kate chew small

High end properties in KLCC and Mont Kiara area? If rent out to expats, can fetch RM7,000 - 10,000 and some can even go up to RM15,000 - 20,000. 

 061  img 5963 small

How about Utropolis in Glenmarie? I heard you can fetch very high rental price because there's a KDU there. 

A  c0392b small
High end properties in KLCC can rent out to expats.. but now all expats are getting fired. I met an landlord, whose have few properties around KLCC.. when oil companies started laying off people by the droves, that was it. They left... The foreigners that comes in to stay now and rent are normally rich people from "war torn" countries.
Charlesgan small

when considering investment for good rental, the location from your point is rather irrelevant. What you need is the place where you can easily get tenants and they willing to pay good price for rental right? 

I work in Cyberjaya and i use MEX highway very often. What to say, no jam, just RM3 for toll, and it save me lots of time. Rental for cyberjaya condo alone can fetch return of over 4%, or RM2.50/sqft for furnished unit. Unfurnished unit look at RM2.00/sqft. There are lots of tenants looking for places, that's the main key point!!!!!!

1607678577947 small

+1 on Andy's post.

Own dp small

Location normally is the first thing people look at, that raise the demands of the price of it. Located near office blocks, definitely will yield higher rental rates.

C  8e44ad small

FYI, recently there are alot of new properties completed in cyberjaya (approximately 2,000+ units handing over within this few months), therefore i projected there may have a short period of over supply problem, but in the long run still remain positive to this area due to upcoming  development.

Charlesgan small

Hi Andy, last time i checked on all those statistic on supply demand, its still far below supply. Yes, condos are building at rapid speed. But still below supply. Lots of project in cyberjaya are sold out in first few months of launching. Except those high end units which is exceeding buyer budget. For landed property, there are only 2500 as of end of 2018. Yes, 2 years and all CCC2018 are selling like hot cake. Looking for landed property is very difficult process.

It might seem many, don't forget, government is pushing thing really fast. Putrajaya HSR stop is going to boost cyberjaya as well. And there is MRT, cyberjaya city centre, sky park, and many other mega project. What to say, right now there are over 5 university and many more colleges and international schools in cyber. Demand for rental property are huge and never ending. Supply haven't keep up. I personally got many clients in waiting list and can't find their desired property. That is an overview of Cyberjaya.

James bond craig junio2006 small

Many years ago, they said Cyberjaya will be Malaysia's Silicon Valley. But if you take a look at it, I really don't think so. I will not choose to live or invest in a property there even if it's much more affordable. That place is so dead! Perhaps suitable for people working or studying there. I went there quite a number of times to visit a friend and the eateries are so limited, we literally don't know what to eat. Although there's an IOI City Mall nearby, but to live there, it's a bit inconvenient. 

Charlesgan small

cyberjaya property isn't affordable at all. If take for comparison, land is already reaching RM250/sqft. And for the landed semi-d, hard to find any new project at below RM2mil. The living standard is high. Yes, rental gain is very good in this area cause of university and colleges with other 50,000 students and lots of other working people.

For eating, look for shopping mall including shaftbury dpulze, or the shops many of them are hiding in front of the d'pulze opposite road. Turn on google maps or waze and you will see there are hundreds of them to choose from. One day each, and it take nearly half a year to go from one to another. If not enough, there is lots of fast food, and there is cheras puchong at both side. Some people love shops to eat right at the downstair or corner away, then what to say, there are many other places to choose other than cyberjaya.

Overall, cyberjaya already 75% in development progress, only 25% remain to be developed. And for the IT hub, what is the public expectation for it to be an IT hub? what is meant by success? well, if 75% progress in 9th years is not a progress, then i really no idea what you guys want.? Do you know cyberjaya is started back in 2007? Ya, a year before big recession, and 2008 people thought cyberjaya is dead. Comparing then to now, after 9th years of progress, this is a huge growth. Did you know 2015 alone government invested 13.5billions in cyberjaya alone? If that is a dead place, why bother to pump in so much money right? 

When looking for a new area for stay or investment, you will need area specialist, and i am one of the landed specialist in this area. Not very expert, but i have a lot of facts and information to share with my friends, client, and fellow millionaire investors.

James bond craig junio2006 small

@charlesgan2016, thanks for taking time to explain. But if you take a look at it generally a lot of units there are empty and unoccupied. Quite oversupply if you ask me. I guess I am looking at it as a resident of a township rather than investment point of view. Government invested 13.5 billions does not necessarily mean it has good enough amenities to live in or raise a family though. Yes, of course I can drive out 30 mins to Puchong for a meal, but usually I am quite a lazy person and hope everything is within 10 - 15 mins reach. Hence, a good township is quite important for me. Again, this is just my own preference. Perhaps it is a good place for investment purpose. 

Charlesgan small

hi James, ok here is the vacant units look like. No people staying doesn't mean no owner. Ya, i have some vacant units for sell from my clients. Their price is high, not a single of them are selling at lelong price or lose money type. For landed property, as case study in garden residences, the cassia about 4 years old is over 80 occupied or tenanted. Clover which is about 2-3 yrs old are now over 50% tenanted. Some units are now for rent and some for sales. The market is healthy so far. If there is lots of unsold unit, then we have to stay alert and see what next. 

For cyberjaya, now there is 2500 units of landed property in total up until ccc2018. Ya, the 2018 units are almost sold out. In the same time, government is pushing this area and want to increase its population of another 50%. In ratio relatively, we need at least 1200 units of landed in next 5 years. Well, i been digging here and there, the data that i am having now only showing about 500-600 units left to be develop. That mean there are 2 person fighting for 1 home in next 5 years. Good luck. 

No matter how, the place is under huge development now, and the upcoming development is going to be bigger and bigger. 

For makan places issues, its not going to be sorted out for most people. Some people will find their living in here, and some will not. Whne there is demand, there is supply. When people need more places to makan, the makan places will mushroom for sure. If anyone of you are interested in restaurant business, this might be a good place to start looking as well :)

Pic small

if you buy your property long ago... e.g. around Ampang area such as Metro Villa, and so on for RM 140k and you are renting it at RM1.2 to RM1.4k 

that is considered high return....

P  2c3e50 small

If u bought more than 5 years ago, your current net yield must be good now. But if u look at the net market yield (or all risk yield), most properties are below 4% now.... anyone know of properties with net market yield of 5% or more , please let me know.

C  8e44ad small

Hi PNK, Cyberjaya subsale market still can find rental yield more than 4%, if you are interested to look into it, please do not hesitate to contact me

Pic small

4% is ok... but seldom got 8% to 10% rental yield... many customer still aiming for 8%

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

wah 8%, still can get so good yield? @.@ 

T  f39c12 small

i have 1 project locate at kl area grr 5% ,if u interesting i can send u some details

Pic small

i got a few "gung ho" customer asking me to find those that have 8% nett rental yield project for them...

and my answer to them is that "if I do have, I would be the first one who is buying the property first, as this is the advantage of being a Real Estate Negotiator"

2007380110f955925d5448 small

now in market if get more than 4% Return is very good already...

if lookng for investment project good return, can look for me too...GRR 6% for few project, Residence or shop retails too... 

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

most of the time you guys said rental yield, is normally based on already deduct the expenses? or no? 

P  2c3e50 small

of course you have to look at net yield i.e. after deducting all the outgoings (expenses)

Charlesgan small

don't expect to high return... at the end sound like skim cepat kaya.... and lose everything.

Laochingwan small

i encounter a developer promised GRR 6.5% ROI for 3 years up to 9 years, which i think quite impressive.

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

@MKChan I saw before as well, they used for some kind of hospitality 

Laochingwan small

It's student accommodation for University Of Nottingham. A new mixed development.

65648440 2406793556070448 9165628430648082432 o small

@Andy good sharing