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I encounter to this project located in Melaka, the hot tourist spot. Please give some feedback

3 rooms apartment, completed with ccc, commercial title, 1k+ sq.ft

Vendor absorb 6% GST, and building maintenance fees. Purchaser need to pay sinking fund only.

7% GRR each year, last for 15 years.

15 years later, guaranteed by back from Vendor. buy back price fix at 50% increment of current SPA price.

too good to be deal? please advice


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ya any advice ? It sound similar to those Retirement fund or Education fund offer by insurance company, but i think this is a lot more better because we get a house rather than just a paper of contract.

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but many GRR project in malaysia don't work really well previously also ...besides, if the company bankrupt, you get nothing. if the deal is so good, why they want to give this kind of offer...just wondering, hmmm

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company bankrupt we still got the house ownership, this is why i said better than insurance education plan or retirement plan, cause that's just a paper of contract, and the insurance company might go bankrupt as well. Am i right?

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what is the name of the project? do u have option not to sell back to them??