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1. Electrical Pylons (High tension wires)
Although research has been conducted to prove that it’s safe to live near electrical pylons or commonly called as high tension wires, a property that Is located near a pylon or facing a pylon has significantly lower value. In terms of feng shui to the Chinese community, this is definitely a big no no. Even for the non feng shui believers, most people believe living near pylons would cause harm to the human body (hidden radiation maybe?) therefore reducing the demand for these kind of houses.

2. T Junctions
When it comes to buying a good property we can always quote property and business tycoon Donald Trump, “location location location”. Having a house located right infront of a junction is very bad for feng shui according to the Chinese community (although Donald Trump may not agree to this). This belief is not only practiced by the Chinese people but other races in Malaysia are also particularly careful not to purchase a property located in front of a junction. Why so? It may not be purely for superstitious reasons but more of an investment choice. When you plan to re-sell the house one day you will realise that it’s difficult to sell at a good price because the next purchaser would think that he/she may not sell for a very good price in the future due to the lower demand for a house facing junctions.

3. Facing or backing busy roads
This is not rocket science, I am sure most people when given an option will choose a peaceful and quiet surrounding. This factor significantly lowers the price of the property and sometimes may face difficulty even selling below market price. This holds true even for condominium units. If the windows are closed and you can still hear cars dashing through the road or honking you know it’s a bad sign.

4. House Facing west
What’s wrong with that? You may ask. Properties that are facing west are usually not preferred because of the sunset which heats up the house in the evening. This means it can be very uncomfortable or extra air conditioning usage is needed. It may seem really trivial but factors like these do affect the demand of the property.

5. Abandoned house as neighbour
So you saw super nice house, with reasonable price and it is on a great location, buy! Calm down buddy. Always check out the immediate neighbours to see if the house is occupied. Abandoned houses creates all sorts of troubles such as uncut grass that grows all the way into your house, mosquito breeding spots, drug addict hideout or even attracting burglars. Always ask the sellers about the neighbours to understand more to make sure you don’t have to deal with extra problems.

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Try to avoid living right in front of main roads. Apart from the traffic noises, you probably might have to sweep and mop your floor 3 time A DAY due to dust. 

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try to avoid property with smelly and stagnant drainage system

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@imronaldsoo, yea that's pretty common, especially those landed properties near taman area. That's why the amount of dengue cases are increasing. 

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actually, there is one property up hill in mahkota cheras (do not want to name the property out lah) landed property

i am quite surprise that during heavy rain, all the water would still glide into the house creating almost a 10 to 15cm mini swimming pool within the compound area...

and having to pay more than 700k for the said property and when you see your wall pain peal off and pop up... it is a little heart breaking..