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More new routes is coming to klang valley start from first of December..Resident around and tourist are going to benefit with these transportations. Does this affect property prices? Do you normally heard from property developer or agents mention "Hey, there is a new route will be covered next month", normally they only promote for upcoming LRT station.

If you want to know more about this news, check this out

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For sure these new routes will improve accessibility in the areas covered and hence improve attractiveness of the properties in those areas. Likewise, we should not only focus on areas near LRT/MRT stations, should also look at nearby areas covered by the feeder buses.

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Cant deny that this will bring an effect to the properties nearby. While Malaysia's transportation are "known" for the punctuality, I think they should also take more notice on this point so that people wont get frustrated at the end of the day just for getting a bus.

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Ya, our government or bus companies should implement system that we can know the approximately time the bus going to reach, so it will be better for the residents or tourists to plan and get around the city !

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Bus stop also can't provide a proper one, how to ensure accurate timing/schedule???

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Yes , Looking forward on Upcoming LRT 3 in Klang !!

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Agree on this. Can refer to cities like Singapore, the bus services are regular and punctual most of the time. If they don't meet certain targets set by the authorities, a fine will be issued to the bus operator.

Furthermore, commuters are able to check the bus arrival timing using a smart phone app. So that we can reach "Just In Time"

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It's East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) Project will bringing Benefit for Klang Residents here ??

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It's LRT 3 already start work ??