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2016 Buy Subsale or Project?

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For me it all depending on area and budget and whether it is commercial / residential property that you are going after 

My priority for 2016 would be as follow:

1. Auction (commercial and residential) 

2. Sub-sale  (residential)
3. Project (commercial)

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Hi @imronaldsoo, how to look out for best deal for auction, well for me, probably new project 

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@virspirit Hi Nicholas, well to be frank there isn't much tip on how to scout out for the best deal for auction, as everybody definition of best deal would be totally different. One must always do their homework on their own with regards to the property they are interested in auction. You must do your land search, and also to check what is covered and not covered (any additional expenses involved, past quite rent, assessment etc just to name a few) 

And the million dollar question, your cash flow ($$$$$)

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Buy from sub-sale, u have 3 options - sell, rent, stay. If u buy from new development, what choice do u have?

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@ppnnkk2011, buy from new development, upon completion, you still can sell, rent or stay... 

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The problem is new high rise development have to wait for 3-4 years ... 

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Survey and compare, whichever cheaper. Developer will have to compete with their own property that was built and sold before, and is now on the sub-sale market. I think most people now are looking for cheaper properties, or waiting for a speculator to go bankrupt when he loses his job..

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@pnk And upon completion RPGT no more...

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hopefully subsale got no big issue & impact

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Subsale if you have cash

Project if not enough cash

And buy when you are ready

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Buy auction property with lower price.  Buy subsales if it can provide positive cash flow after payoff loan. New project if aim for capital gain or maybe own stay.

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Actually, where to hunt for properties on auction? Like is there any platform?

943ad347aca24ee9949114a9ac3fd682 small will have that soon for selected good choice of unit

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go through website Auctionguru & other many auction web

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actually a good new project and their sub sale units still under buyer's consideration

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hi Zara

you may check it from lelongtips, auction mart, and ...

there are many auction property/vehicle website available

once you found a good one, you may contact the agent you preferred to assist you 

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Ah thanks a lot

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also for auction property you need to check (if the bank would settle all outstanding including quit rent, assessment fee and etc till the date of SNP signed during auction) as i know majority of the bank does not do that anymore nowadays and thus you would have a big big amount to pay when you take over the property

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still cover quit rent, assessment fee until the auction date, except interest/penalty not cover, and outstanding to developer, if not specific mentioned in POS. 

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if management fee is not convered it can be a bomb too... i have seen owner owing management fee for more than 30k... and like the auction property i purchased the management fee is near to 20k outstanding

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Walao so many hidden costs. By the way, JMB wont waive the previously owed management fee amount? Its a must pay?

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Both, as long you got money. The new development has very attractive package, subsales if you want buy for investment pls go out there alot of desperate owner want to sell their house at below market price..

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