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Hi All Agent, 

There had been a new scam targeting property agent, sample as per below:

sarah crater <>

To Ronald Soo Today at 10:26 AM

Thank you for your response.Please forgive my delay in you answer; I'm really interested in buying your property for a certain price. However, not be able to come in person to inspect the property before paying for it. This is due to the fact that I am not currently living in your country.I am writing from Syria, but in no distant time I'll change to your country soon and this is the reason why I looked for a very safe place to contact you to my investment plan proposed in your state as well.

I Mrs.Sarah crater, my husband made this request, but now he's gone! He was until his death a special force with the armed forces of the United States in a mission to Syria. I am contacting you to buy your property , because I want to stay in their country and make some investment. My husband was murdered in cold blood by some people who want to steal your wealth and fortune.This made me very scared, so I have no select this time. I would like to inform you that I have $ 5.7m, five million, seven hundred thousand usd only, my late husband owned I want to use for this investment.If you want we can partner together to invest the money after I buy .I your property will give you a 30% cash as their part.

I take this opportunity, because I have no choice but to trust you. I am an orphan without a known brother or sister. I can not risk my life to avoid ending my husband lineage. My family was brutally murdered.The only thing I have now is my daughter and son. They deserve a decent life, because I want them to grow up in a peaceful environment. I will move to your country and invest the money in accordance with the law, with his advice and help, we can work and a better future for our families.

If you would like to share my dream of investments and the love of your country, please send me your information? Only if you're okay with my request. Your desired detail below is for the sole purpose of sending money to you, so your data is treated confidentially. For information, it is necessary:

Your full name:......................

Your private telephone number: .....................

Your full address: ........................

Their profession and age: ....................

I anticipate your positive response and acceptance of your information, I will provide more details.



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too good to be true....

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i believe if i ask the administrator to run a IP trace, the originating of the email might be from Malaysia.... 

Many of such scam the syndicate is operating within the country....

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Just ignore it ZZZZzzzzzzz

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wao >.< this kind of email, i wonder still got anyone will kena or not..

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got one... just published in star newspaper a few days ago

In Medan... more than 10 Malaysian and 1 Filipino get caught by selling the Smart Card that have health benefit when you put on your chest, when you put on your ELCB Box, it will help you save electricity and when you put inside your car it will help save your Fuel... all for only RM228...

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I don't think anybody / agents will fall for this kind of random emails kua??? Can't be so naive....

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but it really makes me wonder, since those email are from a famous portal... shouldn't that message be filter out before sending to agent mailbox in the first place?

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Very common method of scam these days. Just be careful and don't believe everything you read online! And you'll be surprised, there ARE people who fall into these traps!

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This name inquiry few of my difference property advertisement.  

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I believe they are running on bot and script to scout for all possible contact to mass communicate with them.

As long as 1 fall for it, then they will be making some $$$$.

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Ya...actually this happen few years ago when i using iproperty few years back. So when inquiry from oversea name then i will extra careful.

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Normally i will just write a standard reply back and await for their reply.

When they start telling you they have tons of money willing to invest here and there, then i will just mark as spam and delete it off :)

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if anyone are smart enough to buy into the scam, they deserve to be slapped in the head.

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I received the same message twice from the same Sarah . There is NO free lunch in this world.

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I saw something similar as well. Some guy from UK. Contact information didn't cross reference.

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Recently there are people from India, specifically Gurgaon calling myself and some friend of mine that is in the property industry mentioning they have a group of investor from New Delhi wanted to have a JV in investing on property in Malaysia, story goes on and on, most importantly the line keeps breaking while they continue to pitch their way over. 

More and more scammers are targeting property agent nowadays. 

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Thank you very much  for sharing  , keep in touch and all the best  .

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I received email from Sarah Crater too, but deleted it right away, its very scam-my looking...

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i believe they are targeting all property agent 


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I'll usually ignore, mark as spam or delete unknown email sender. No free lunch in this world. 

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they are like cockroach, never ending spamming your mailbox.

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Just hate this type of spam mails.

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Did received similar email. Just ignore it. and block.

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Yeap usual trick. But just ignore it will do :)

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nowadays there are even some so called agent that pretend to be buyer wanting to know more about your project and once they got the information about your project, they go directly to the developer and negotiate for their share of the cake too.... 

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Sp many type of people out there. We cant do much about it. Its whether you want to be part of it. I believe everyone have their own principles. If you lost your principles, there you go and it could be one those type "money driven no principle agent"

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@jdh Jonathan, I totally agree with you... but those agent who uphold their principle from other people perspective they tends to be "lcly" type hahahahhaa

but to me... so long as i uphold my principles i do not bothered about what other people say....

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yeap hold to your principles and improve and grow from there. Dont let greed change you :)

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I will normally back off if i sense something wrong with the deal... :)