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May I know why some of the condo strata title still haven out? Especially in Damansara Perdana.


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Normally, it is due to the problem with the developer. The developer did not fulfill some of the terms stated in the development plan and the authority will not issue strata title until the developer rectify it. Some might due to the bumi requirements not fulfilled. May reasons....

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oh just to add on...some developer might be in liquidation 

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too many reasons behind

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after strata title out, condo owner need to pay additional legal fee + stamp duty?

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developer need to put in more effort to meet the requirement to get strate title. 

yes. owner need to pay certain legal fee and stamp duty to get strata title

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in other words, when buying strata titled property... we have not "paid" the full price even after we sign the SnP?  Since still need to fork out extra after the developer grant us the strata title?

Please correct me if mistaken...

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The purchase price is is fully paid for the property but not the transfer of title. 

The fees is for the Memorandum of Transfer (MOT), this is usually pay by the purchaser unless developer promised to give a free MOT. The MOT is calculated based on the % of the purchase price. 

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domng Strata or non-strata units also have to do MOT in order to register the title in the purchaser's name. This is usually done by the SPA lawyer. 

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@ Lee... can i say that usually the MOT for non-strata title is normally ready by the time we take VP?

And for strata title property have to wait 1 year after VP usually?

Correct me if i am mistaken. thank you all.

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Agree with your statement..

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anyone here with experience dealing with strata titled commercial property? as i the understand the main difference with residential, commercial units are not gated and guarded... need to collect sinking fund?

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@freemanwoo thanks for sharing