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If happened that I tell you there are still some unit left in Cyberjaya

Freehold -- Low Cost -- below 200k -- 850 sq ft -- inclusive of 2 parking lot (5 storey walk up apartment) 

Would you be interested? or you feel that cyberjaya is already packed with property this type of property is not worth investing?

The story behind these available unit is very very long and grand-mother .... if you have interest in it then let me know... (oh not to mentioned.... you need to 10% upon signing S&P no early bird nor anything)


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@domng 5 levels is not high enough. 

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I personally would not buy any property higher than 4 storeys without a lift. Only thing great is better view. And the top floor have chances of roof leakage!

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Dominic, it's a regulation in Malaysia that anything more than 4 floors MUST have elevator. Those 4 floors with no elevator are most likely low cost flats. 

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@imronaldsoo thanks for sharing