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Would you invest in Cyberjaya nowadays? Why?

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For condos or apartments no. Cyberjaya rental yield not good for those buying now. Those who bought in the early days of Cyber, rental yield is still decent. Perhaps another 5 years when the universities are fully max and MRT construction starts there may be movement. This property Shui Pool Villas did however pick my interest

As its the cheapest compared to other in the leasehold category.

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I would like to invest in cyberjaya..I think cyberjaya is full of potential and government also focus in this area. There are a lot of upcoming catalysts, it's just timing..Anyone know any very new property launches around cyberjaya (maybe only 1 ~ 6 months)  ??

@zainalzikri , look nice but i think must be expensive >.<'' damn big

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Oh I see.... well i still have Freehold low cost on hand selling below 200k 

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I agree with @zainalzikri, if you buy property in Cyberjaya say 5 years ago, it'll good ROI by now. But the prices now has shot up very high. Almost same as buying in PJ or KL. Nevertheless, it's still a good location for investment as you can rent it out to university / college students and people who work in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya. 

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agree... with Kate... 

for me below 200k with 855sq ft and free 2 parking... the deal should be just nice despite it is low cost ;)

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If property prices in Cyberjaya are much lower than PJ area, then yes I will for investment purpose. Quite a potential over there. But..... the location very far and inconvenient la....

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I went there last 2 weeks, noticed that there are many many new shop and shopping mall also built up...

well if i have to choose between cyberjaya and semenyih i think i will go for cyberjaya