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If given a choice, would you rather stay in BangsarMont Kiara or Desa ParkCity? And why?

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Desa Parkcity. I have a dog, and I plan to have more. It is such a hassle to "smuggle" my dog in and out of our condo, and drive all the way to DPC just for her to have a good run. As there are not many dog-friendly parks around in Klang Valley, it would be really convenient to live in DPC so I can just step outside of the house and walk my dog whenever I want.

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Desa ParkCity! Love that township. It has got all the nearby amenities, a park, eateries, very comprehensive well-planned township with good security system. Very suitable for families. 

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Wow, that's a tough choice! Perhaps, Mont Kiara. I like those luxury condos over there. Very classy, glamourous, love the facilities and it's nearby Solaris Mont Kiara and some malls too. Makes me feel like an expat :P  

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Yea, I think I prefer Desa ParkCity too! Sometimes I take my dog to that dog-friendly park for a walk and then have a nice dinner there. Seems like a cosy place. I wouldn't mind living there :)  

But which of these 3 locations would be more suitable for investment instead?

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I like desa parkcity ! veri nice environment, but ! now the property price there is so expensive, I think very hard to afford a property there...only go there jog once per week T___T 

@veron for investment wise, I think bangsar or mont kiara will be better. 

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Don't like Bangsar so busy! Don't like Mont Kiara it's a concrete jungle and nothing special there! I wanna stay in Desa Park City and cycle there everyday! <3!! ^_^v

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I would prefer Desa ParkCity. I think compared to the other two mentioned, this area is more low density and not so crowded. At least I can have a peaceful environment. :)

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It is depend individual preference....but for me Mont' Kiara because easy access to NKVE, SPRINT, PENCHALA,, it is connected in between Damansara and KL, very convenient. So It is depend for individual

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For me I prefer lust of greenery so these 3 place would be a definitely no no for me .... 

an old fashion guy perhaps... 

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For me, i will prefer to stay in Desa park City. More Home Feel and relax area. Can see dogs and cats hanging around with nice environment. Mont Kiara is always Jam and really a concrete jungle.

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Definitely Desa ParkCity. I like jogging, Desa ParkCity is perfect for runner.

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@imronaldsoo, then where would you prefer? :)

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Hi Mag, for me still Cheras lo... there are many hills and green green forest here...

Myself and a few friends already planning for our retirement, acquire a piece of land and build a retirement village to stay (just like those retirement village / home in New Zealand)... not much unit just a few .... that is our dream la.... and hopefully one day it will come true :) 

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Desa Park City =) cosy greenery 

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Desa Park City, I like the park itself with all the amenities alongside it, not to forget the greeneries and landscaping, its a win for me.

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If I can go back to the past, I might opt for Sierra Mas... 

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Desa Park City - for the basketball courts full with players every evening.

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@imronaldsoo, seriously??? Cheras? Which part are you referring to with greeneries and sceneries away from all the congestion?

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Desa Park City definitely... the security, exclusivity, greenery and located in heart of Kuala Lumpur..

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@Mag hahahaha well my work schedule is slightly different from others... the place where I am staying have a lot of Greeneries (near Cheras batu 9) 

On top of that, recently discovered a new property spot (as I just gotten an exclusive listing) - Twin Palms Sg Long (is also a nice place to stay :))

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@imronaldsoo, Desa ParkCity greeneries not lush enough?? I think its pretty forest-y already eh.

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hahah @zara_yeow very true indeed

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@Zara_Yeow hahahahha to me not really forest-y as that place is totally well planned... i prefer those forest that is in natural shape ;) 

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Moving forward, is there another Dog-friendly park in KL similar to Desa Parkcity?

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I will still prefer Desa Park City out of the 3 selection/choices. There are still greeneries and a nice park to walk/jog during the evening and the safety there is still top notch.