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So many new development coming up, will it be over supply?

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It depends on which area and which segment/type of properties u are talking about?

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@pnk how about Mont Kiara? 

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Would it be over supply? Wanted your professional thoughts on this too.. 

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for me I think still not over supply. What do you think?

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my 2 cents would be, area dependent... for Sg Long / Bandar Mahkota Cheras, I do foresee the tending of slightly over supply at this point of time many unit is still vacant and not occupied. 

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If over supply for certain area. I think maybe need 1-2 years to let its stable back. 

As for Mont Kiara even that is a lot condo but the segment not all same among each other.

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Agree with Ronald, it is area dependent, I personally think Old Klang Road area's property is over-supplied.

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lol, how many developments have you seen, is still selling their condos? I have seen plenty developer still marketing their condos for 2 - 3 years now. I would think that not only its oversupplied, but also nobody's buying at the same time.

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Mid-range income earner are more cautious with their monies nowadays and with the bank started to increase the base rate of housing loan (I thought it was supposed to be started off by M**bank, but to my surprise O*BC taken the lead on this first hahahahah) some are a bit skeptical to invest I must say.

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The same OCBC article which was published said their based rate increase in Jan 2015, but i think its the wrong date, because the article was published in Jan 2016