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There are many projects which were abandoned but later revived, completed and delivered vacant possession to the buyers. If u are considering buying a residential property for your own use, would u consider buying these properties. Some examples are USJ19 City Mall/Rhythm Avenue, Main Place at USJ21, Sri Impian condo in Brickfields etc etc.

Why would u consider and why not??


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why not buy if  price is reasonable, Location is good, less defects and if take over by well known developers and no more hassle if i want to sell it if stated in SPA that Strata title will issued within 2 years after CF?

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IF everything is okay, like @kohcho mentioned, I think still acceptable, but the property definitely already gave others a bad impression. I think the property also won't give a good price.

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Yes, and there are a few more, shop lot project @ Shah Alam - bank auction the project due to project abandon, and now a new developer taken over and started all the works... 

and those that is protected under HDA ... will give my priorities on this, those without HDA protection, will have to do some study.

I had also shifted my investment to overseas properties @ NZ 

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Actually i don't mind but some people really don't like it...

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I think developers relaunch projects also it is because the location is developing well, so why not? For example the Maisson at Ara Damansara.

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for own stay, i dont mind, just need to beware of the defects and perform defects claim before the warranty is over ..

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Once abandoned, they will be subjected to weathering. The frame of the building would be compromised. Plants growing on the concrete. Metal bars rusting and exposed to the sun and rain. The chances that the re-bars will rust and concrete spalling will be increased. Unless the new developer takes it in and fixes these defects.