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Wanted to check with the floor on on your experience when performing your property defect inspection, what would you normally look out for, how and when would you be doing it etc. 

How do you normally perform feedback to the project office? fill up a form? or print the photos out with tagging?


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Totally agree with what @Elizabeth suggested. I did the same as well.

you must check the water leaking in the bathroom no matter how reputable is the developer, even for the developer S* S***** who offers 18+18months defect warranty have water leaking issue on the bathroom...

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Thanks @Elizabeth @imronaldsoo for sharing the experience. really a good idea! 

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Toilet - u have to go downstairs unit and see if there is leakage. the upstairs unit must do the same to check if their toilet is leaking to your unit... kind of complicated arrangement???

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@ppnnkk2011 normally I will only check my ceiling for leakage and expect the downstairs owner to do the same, if there is any complaint then I will let the defect team to perform their magics :)