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Especially for outstation people. 

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If u don't have a place of your own, not staying with parents/relatives (for free), not provided accommodation by employer and have to pay rental ... priority should get one for own stay first.

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@PNK, please share your opinion, why priority buy for own stay first? 

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I'm from Pahang and I work in KL, I will buy for invest first, just rent a small room and pay my loan every month, if the property able to rent out, it's even better 

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my first was ownstay then investment :)

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Own stay - buy a high rise in a good location, rent out partial of your space so that you can free up your capital. 

Later if you want to move on to another location or change your lifestyle like getting a landed, your first unit still can be rented out serve as your investment unit.

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agree agree :)

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Prefer to rent out first then after 5 or 6 years then sell off

Or maybe own stay first then rent out wait till the market good then consider sell off

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It is really depend individual.

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@freeman what about yourself

Your first property is for your own stay or rental? 

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my first property for rental. 

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I go for both! First property can stay, rent or sell! If after complete if the place is very nice and I'm not despo for cash can go stay few years while waiting for price to appreciate! Save money on room rent also! If got good offer for rent can cover loan, then rent out! After few years if price is good, then SELL! hehhehe! Flexi a bit ma... ;p

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My first property is still there already more than 10 years ... 

after forming of new JMB the management seems to improve a lot in terms of security to environmental upkeep :)