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Now, people used to speak about Cyberjaya as NoManLand as not much people is going there. People go there just for work or study. But compare to last year 2014, there's more n more MNC company moving in and more to come. Few colleges also coming. Shopping mall is up. There will be the 1st n ever Chinese Primary School open there as well n another Kebangsaan Primary school open as well. N this will be gonna be a KEY feature which people will start to move into Cyberjaya especially those who is family with kids.

Cyberjaya is gonna be a HOT place to live in. Variety of highways to access to any places. Cyberjaya neighbour with Putrajaya n IOI Mall is there.
What u guys think of Cyberjaya ?

Let's discuss : )


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I think for family stay is good since right now there are plenty of shops and restaurant around. There is a new mall right now too ! As you said, there are also upcoming schools and colleges, it's gonna be more and more people coming in. Compared last time when I was still studying in MMU, it's quite nightmare, it's really like a dead city especially come to night ! Don't really have entertainments, and no pork as well =,='' We have to travel all the way go puchong, seri kembangan, or putrajaya to seek for foods or movie.

I think it will quite good for investment and own stay. Besides, is there a plan that government will build MRT to connect cyberjaya and putrajaya?

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Cyberjaya a couple of years ago used to be a dead city and in many people's impression was just a place for people who works in the government sector staying there. But very recently, when I went over for a wedding, I was so surprised and impressed with the development. It looks like a good place to live in (putting the distance aside). Apparently, there are also lot's of investors looking into this area due potential in renting out to college students and office workers too. I wonder if the property prices there are slightly lower or pretty much the same as KL City Centre.

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Yea, i totally agreed with both @virspirit and @HJ. MRT line 2 might but the HSR is confirm. And my perspective on Cyberjaya is totally different right now. The BRIGHT future of Cyberjaya is really up now. If u guys wanna know more WHY Cyberjaya is so powerful for investment, u can drop me an e-mail at johnshen.831@gmail.com . I can show u a way to understand more about the WHY. Because i also just 'wake up and smell the coffee' on getting to know Cyberjaya.

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I was considering buying a place to stay in Cyberjaya as my husband is working there. I wouldn't have minded since I was informed that the prices of properties are still relatively lower than other upcoming towns. Is it still considerably low? What is the given range now, if you don't mind my asking? Perhaps for apartment or condo units. SoHo, maybe? My only concern is the distance. My husband may work there, but I don't. Still, it's worth looking at :)

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@Shue , i have a new project there ... psf price just 400+ psf after rebate. The 2 primary school is actually on this project land.

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@johnshen831 Nice! What is the name of the project, if you don't mind me asking? :)

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@Shue is LakeFront ... if u wanna know more detail, do drop me email johnshen.831@gmail.com TQ. we will further discuss.