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Hi, a 1 year newbie here, I would like to ask how to convince the owner to pay GST because alot of owners that i had dealt with they don't want to give GST

Any Taikor, Taikajie give advices, TQ


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Most of the owner know about it. Just they dont like to pay. Coz they used to cut agent fee as usual.

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agree with @yunsyn statement... this is the fact, and I have seen some agent asking the buyer or tenant to pay the GST... well it all depends on the deal that the buyer / tenant is getting (if they are buying or renting the property below market value most of them would agree) 

and it should never be paid by agents though, having said that our commission are already very low nowadays.

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If the commission payable to the agent goes undeclared to the Property Agency where the agent represents... Will the taxman able to find out eventually?

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@jojo thanks for sharing