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Came across a project that is still on-going and selling yesterday night whereby the 454sf SOFO unit had been completely sold off only left 370sf and 609sf.

 I was being told by the project sales team members that this project would take 5 years to built upon signing of S&P. 

Wanted to gather your opinion on whether 5years for a project to be completely built would be too long for you? As previously when P*vil**n 2 was being launched it was being brief to the public that it would take 3 years to built, but somewhere in the middle they extended to 4 years and there are some investors that pull off due to the long waited period while serving installment.

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I went to the showroom too, the sale guy present seems interesting as they said they will attract more office crowd and night time will be for their residents. Their office also will manage by themselves, so ask do not worry the demand there is not good. Besides, it also can use for office address.

But considering the surrounding area, Hmmm...dono la, don't have any new land there, the station also actually quite far from the development. 

well, come to the question, I think still acceptable for me as 4 to 5 years, if for own stay, then no la..investment i think still okay..

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that is the last piece of land in USJ, since i only stay in USJ for less than 2 months in my whole life, I am a bit skeptical on pricing the property at almost RM1k psf. Probably that is the USJ market trend nowadays. 

The LRT station according to the developer, they do have a walk way / bridge connecting from their building directly to the LRT station. 

Not sure about others, i do find that 370sf is really not sufficient for my own-stay. Probably renting it out for single / individuals would be feasible?

5 years without HDA protection, I might be a bit skeptical on this as i do still need to serve interest should the project continue to extend for another year or so.

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5 years is a bit too long and longer than most of other projects. 

If u are looking for residential studio or 2 rooms unit there are Main Place and USJ19 CItymall nearby. Completed and ready to be occupied immediately. Prices are cheaper and within walking distance to LRT station.