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How will it affect market sentiment and prices? What should investors do? Buy before the implementation? Wait and see?


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Hmm... very hard to say... from what I hear, the developers have all already begun to incorporate GST into their prices... some say property will be more expensive then.. some say it will be cheaper... others say no difference...

What I personally think is that people will talk about this a lot for a few months before and after the implementation, with developers scurrying about to make sure that they sell as many of their unsold units before implementation out of fear... then in a few months down the line, everyone will forget about this issue and business will continue as usual. Lol!

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Price is defined by supply and demand, because developer price increase sub sale price will increase that is in theory.
But if no one is willing to buy, will increasing price be a right strategy for the sellers? Greedy sellers will increase their price by 6% overnight but people will just buy the cheaper houses. It really depends on how desperate the owners want to sell the house. Supply and demand!

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I've just bought a new property (The Duo @ USJ 1 under HCK Capital) just a couple of months ago, under DIBS and I start paying only upon completion of the property in 2017. But I've heard that, even though I've signed SPA before implementation of GST and bought it before the GST kicks in, it applies to me as well, since I am paying from 2017 onwards?

Is this true??? I certainly hope not!!!!

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As far as I understand, those who have purchased properties and signed the SPA before the implementation of the GST are still subjected to the 6% levy as developers have already begun to include a GST clause in their agreements in order to protect their margins. Means that you might end up paying additional charges anyway. Any GST incurred will be passed on to purchasers of commercial properties and even if you sign the SPA now, it doesn’t mean you will avoid GST.

Unless the SPA you signed doesn’t have a clause that would require you to pay more than the amount you initial agreed upon. And unless the developer told you otherwise… If not, then… yeah, it’s probably true…

Which means... I'm probably not exempted from GST either. Since I signed my SPA a couple of months ago. Damn. As if the prices aren't high enough, they're making it higher. Oh joy -.-

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This seems like a good write-up. Check this out : http://www.thesundaily.my/news/1283893

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I think this is the clearest explanation so far about how GST in property sector - http://www.propsocial.my/topic/61/gst-implementation-posted-by-jordan-chen

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