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What is the advantage of buying a new property over getting a secondhand one? I recently purchased a secondhand place (with the financial help of my parents, of course). But some friends have expressed their views as to why didn't I buy a new place since my parents helped to pay for the downpayment. Would it have made a difference?


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Buying a 2nd hand property requires a heavy amount of downpayment and other initial payment (stamp duty, legal fees, etc), however they are safer to buy as you know for sure they are already completed and it's right there! As compared to a new property, some developers offer discounts, freebies and some form of deduction to help reduce the initial payment, to lighten purchaser's initial burden. And of course, staying in a new home, feels nicer too :) Some investors choose to buy new property instead to flip, with a higher return upon completion. However, there will be risk. What if half way through the project is abandoned? But as long as you have done your research and buy from an established developer, should be ok.

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Ah I see. The only reason I suppose, why I bought a secondhand property is because the then owner is someone I knew through a friend and he was eager to sell fast. He sold it to me for less than RM600,000 fully furnished (literally with everything he had ever owned as well!). So that's a good purchase, right? It is hard to find that price these days, especially in Kelana Jaya. Otherwise, I could wait until the price increases after a few years and sell it off to finance a new property.

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What Hayden said is totally agreed and this is the different between buying a new project and a secondhand (subsale) unit. Well Shue Quen i think u already make profit of your purchase as u bump into eager seller that's selling below market asking price.

Good for u and congratulation to u ~

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Buying subsale is less riskier as you know the surroundings, the workmanship, the management, the developer, the rental market (whether it is rentable), quality of residents, the design and facade of the building.

Buying something from the primary market, more often we only look at the brochure You don't even get a brochure during pre-launch), the layout, the price and compared to the surrounding development. We are taking risk as we are buying much higher price which developer has included the higher cost of material, labor, logistics, transport & etc. We also taking risk on they quality of the building they going to deliver, the management team and so on. I am not saying buying new launch is not good. There are plenty of good projects too. I buy new launch too! Haha But i am saying it as a general.

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for investment i advice buy from subsales as you can check the market rental rate, occupancy rate and workmanship of course. BUt for new project of course you can enter if the entrance is as lower as it. (but not for soho for me), if wanna buy soho pls put your investment only in KL town or Klang Valley town area.

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When you can afford to buy a 2nd hand home in a prime location, why not? New projects have easier entry of course and more freebies form developers nowadats, but most have to wait for completion and you have to bare with the risk of non-completion, but if you do your research well, then it is unlikely to happen.

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At times like now, better buy from sub-sale. Lower risk. Immediate rental return. 

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the only advantage i could think of buying a brand new property would be you are able to claim construction defect..... 

but do remember that there is a risk on buying new property (exclude built then sell property) for example... what happened to the new emp**** da***sara

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Low downpayment for new property whereas Sub-sale require more $$. 

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If your purpose is for investment, not wanting to move in immediately and you have holding power, I think new launch properties would be good. Because when it's ready, you can then flip it at a higher price or you can rent it out. But if you are settling down and looking for a home to start a new family or moving home, then perhaps subsale (but not too old) would be better.

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@Sheu good sharing