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What is the advantage of buying a new property over getting a secondhand one? I recently purchased a secondhand place (with the financial help of my parents, of course). But some friends have expressed their views as to why didn't I buy a new place since my parents helped to pay for the downpayment. Would it have made a difference?


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the only advantage i could think of buying a brand new property would be you are able to claim construction defect..... 

but do remember that there is a risk on buying new property (exclude built then sell property) for example... what happened to the new emp**** da***sara

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Low downpayment for new property whereas Sub-sale require more $$. 

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If your purpose is for investment, not wanting to move in immediately and you have holding power, I think new launch properties would be good. Because when it's ready, you can then flip it at a higher price or you can rent it out. But if you are settling down and looking for a home to start a new family or moving home, then perhaps subsale (but not too old) would be better.

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@Sheu good sharing