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Puchong seems to be on a high these days, yea. I know there are a lot of new ongoing projects, like the two new expressways, SKIP and KIDEX (latter due by 2018) and the LRT extension for Puchong along the Ampang Line. But these will only make the prices increase, right? Not to mention, there are already so many people living there and running businesses there too. I was in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong in July 2014, there was already so much traffic in and out of the area. I was there for a meeting but wanted to have lunch first. My God, it took me ages to find parking! As fate would have it, the meeting ended right on the dot at 5:00pm, and I was stuck in traffic trying to get out of Puchong! Thank God I don’t work there. I'm already working in Cyberjaya and I get caught in massive jams after office hours. So… Remind me, what is it that’s so hot about Puchong again, or is it just in Bandar Kinrara?


1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

I think it's because Puchong is quite strategic. PJ, KL, Cyberjaya, Serdang, Bukit Jalil, all the places you also able to reach within 30 minutes (if no jam). Additional, now there are LRT coming soon, this also added on the values within the Puchong area. So, I can say Puchong is very HOT!

@crozan ya, the traffic in Puchong really terrible, especially when you come from PJ area and stuck in the car and stare from the higher view on the flyover...Gosh, thats a lot of mini cars !

Hmm, as I know there is a shortcut go to Cyberjaya from Puchong, the area there is not so crowded..but not sure what the area called.

C  2c3e50 small

Yeah, especially the stretch passing IOI Mall. Oh my god, that road cost me so much time spent on the road. By the time I get home, I'm too tired to do anything.

@virspirit There's a shortcut from Cyberjaya to Puchong? I should find out about it. Thanks!

1380434 10201431210114979 1940676289 n small

hahaha ya...it think it supposes to be time-consuming area but not HOT area...hahahah...

Not sure you know about it, from the MMU university backdoor, turn right and go straight, there is an area which is still under development. The shortcut is there..

1601139 10152045012567807 754699745 n small

Agreed with u guys. But puchong traffic is better compare to last time before they strategically do the divide road right ?

Puchong is a already matured township, Kinrara is coming up as well. Puchong development is packed now.

Puchong is HOT !

Img 1152 small

Hahhaa! All I know is that Puchong is a hell hole of traffic at all hours ranging from heavy to standstill. LOL!!! xD But I heard that there's a lot of good food there!! Anyone tried the Old School nasi lemak there before??? =P

070215 small

Puchong very hot especially the weather

Img 1152 small

@yap_rony I like your answer. ;p

 061  img 5963 small

The deep far end of Puchong is actually booming with some new projects. Not bad, quite good price with nice interior. But it's a bit too far in for me though :(

Although I love the Bandar Puteri Puchong area, but I think it's too congested and too developed, so there's too many people staying with no new development, I assume?

I go to that area quite often for good food though :D Lots of good restaurants!

Bwhead small

I am doing research for writing an article about Puchong. I don't stay there. So I would love to hear some insiders' feedback. Here is my question:
"What are the top reasons you love staying in Puchong?"

Your responses are much appreciated.

James bond craig junio2006 small

Top reasons why I would choose to stay in Puchong?

1. Lots of eateries. You will not go hungry :P
2. Convenient. There's IOI mall and it's near to Sunway Pyramid.
3. Some properties in Puchong are still within affordable range.

Reasons why I would NOT choose to stay in Puchong?

1. Traffic jam!!!
2. Too congested and high density
3. Far from PJ and KL

Img 0478 copy small

I totally agree with @james_bob. I would usually travel to Puchong for good food. So, F&B and convenience is definitely the key reason why I would stay in Puchong.

Img thing small

Lots of good amenities in the neighbourhood of Puchong such as restaurants, cafes, schools, banks, clinics, shopping malls, convenient stores and more. Suitable to raise my family. I specifically like Setia Walk :)

Kate chew small

The further part of Puchong and Kinrara is a good place to live in. Not as congested as the Bandar Puteri area. Very near Sunway and Subang area where all the colleges and universities are. And of course Cyberjaya too for people who work there. There will be LRT stations everywhere too, so hopefully that will resolve the traffic congestion issues.

P  2c3e50 small

The entire LDP stretch along Puchong area will be jam pack during rush hour. From Puchong, have to pay toll almost everywhere u go...Sunway, Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Serdang etc.

Starcity logo small

Hi guys, got any landed property for sale within/around Puchong area? I have a friend want to buy
Requirements: 2 storey
22 ft width

please call 0123391693 TQ

Bwhead small

Thanks a lot guys for your input :).
So some summary here:
- good food
- connectivity
- amenities
- affordability

 061  img 5963 small

@KCLau, please do share the article which you will be coming up with here with us :)

Bwhead small

sure .. will paste the link here. It is written for Cloudhax magazine.

 061  img 5963 small

@KCLau, that'll be great! Thank you :)

L  2c3e50 small

Not that bad area as you have to go deep into that area in order to find good food and good places to hang out. However, the traffic is always a concern as it seems like jam forever. LOL

070215 small

very hot

J  e67e22 small

As for me selling puchong property for two year back. Puchong are one of the place I will said hot and reasonable price for Klang-Vally people to buy property for own stay or for investment. 

But bare in mind , puchong is a big place. Can said a lot good place or property is hide inside puchong. Yap puchong is jam, but if the place is not jam mean they is not people. No people mean no demand on property, Restoren, work  and business.

Img 20160726 190259 small

One of the highest Transaction area.

P  2c3e50 small

started to be "hot" since the LDP was built. now with the LRT it will be hotter...

Pic small

Agree with @ppnnkk2011 comment's, a place where many younger generations would prefer to set their foot on.