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As a typical city dweller who is not going back to any 'Kampung', where do you all normally go during CNY holidays? Just curious if there are any interesting places to go or things to do.


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CNY is when we spend quality time with family, no matter where you are from. So, I would usually stay home with my family, catch up, makan-makan, play cards (if you know what I mean ;-) ), watch TV together, etc.

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Balik kampung, spend time with family, give angpao (for my case!) or travel locally to places like Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, but the traffic wouldn't be pleasant. 

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I bet the traffic is horrendous @veron, I think better to fly than drive. But even to fly we have to make sure to reach airport earlier than usual as it will be super packed.

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Definitely! I went to Singapore with my family during 12/2 - 14/2. When I flew back from Singapore to Malaysia, the time that I spent waiting for immigration clearing and luggage is longer than the flight from Malaysia to Singapore! How ridiculous!