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I happen to go quite frequently to Bandar Utama, especially since I shop a lot at One Utama Shopping Mall :D So far, I've seen more landed properties (for example, double storey terrace homes) in Bandar Utama compared to high rise. I'm curious, though, as to whether there are any condominiums or apartments in BU? Not for offices, but more for own living.


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the entire BU was constructed by See Hoy Chan, so it was a planned township. So... condominiums? No, they weren't big on condos back then.

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I think there's a new one called Se'terra right next to One Avenue row of shoplots (next to Pelangi Utama Condo) in Jalan Masjid. Apparently quite nice and not cheap. Also some really high-end ones called Bukit Utama, close to Centrepoint area. Really beautiful inside but very very pricey.

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Se'terra is selling above a million. More like a townhouse.
Not sure if u guys noticed a newly completed condo (Boulevard Residence) beside shell & BHP.

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@marcuswkq Oh I see. Haha, my first thought of Boulevard Residence was Midvalley. Because of the word 'Boulevard'. Okay, that's a condominium, right? Recently completed in 2014. Strangely, I didn't notice it in BU, haha.

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Those landed in BU were built quite some time ago.
There is a condo project called 9 Bukit Utama built by See Hoy Chan.
Other than that, nearer high rise are found in Tropicana or Damansara Perdana area