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FD rate is 4.5% now. ROI on properties is less than FD rate. Does it make sense to buy properties now? During bad times, financial gurus said CASH IS KING.


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if you got the money then buy property, even FD is 4.5% now, but normally they give promotion for 1 year only and you can't take out within the period..Else I think during the bad times, can invest in dividend yield stock, unit trusts, invest in some profitable business, start your own business.

hmm, since people are saying when go down, definately will go up, even the graph in long run will show it's keep on going up even though in between there is up and down.

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Property !! :) 

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Well, if you have holding power and no cash flow issue, it's good to invest in property for long term ROI. If you don't and might need cash from time to time, FD is safer. 

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Must have a balance. I believe as an investor, you don't keep all eggs in the same basket. Some you keep in FD, if you can afford the monthly repayment, get a property too. 

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FD.. Nows the time to cash out if no holding power.. but also, now's the time to buy if cash rich.....And if rental yield <4.5% , sell. Its better to put in FD, and banks are going to squeeze BR and BLR  later.. and increase interest rates... when banks raises FD, it also means they will raise BLR eventually

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Both, if you have MORE than enough :-)

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Many speculated that BNM will increase interest rate yesterday but it did not happen. SRR was reduced instead to improve liquidity.

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SRR was decreased to improve liquidity, because alot of foreign money is leaving the country. Takut not enuff money supply. Money is put into stocks  to protect them from crashing, everytime foreign sells the stocks. Stocks crash faster then property because its too easy to sell and buy. Doesnt mean that BLR will decrease. Banks will keep interest rates high to attract money into their banks, When banks are desperate for money, its in their intention to keep interest rates high enough

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Well it's still come back to the origin where if you got holding power, it's good to put into property as it's price always appreciate in long term. FD not most of the bank can give up to 4.5%, 12 months basis, mostly now only range 4~4.3% like Public Bank & Cimb...I'm more to a risk taker, FD not my cup of tea, only will put small portion of it.

@Aack2001 don't know how long they are able to protect the market >.< well, it's bounce back almost 2% from 1600 yesterday.

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if they use the liquidity to support the stock market , it will dry up very fast!

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Property, got rental and future appreciation. FD, insurance for emergency.