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Any recommendation? Genting, Cameron, Penang, PD etc. What do u all think - is this a good investment?


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Thanks Jojo. Very informative article.  

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some people are saying, don't buy holiday home unless u have lots of extra money...

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We call it Homestays in Malaysia? Some places like Singapore, they call it Staycation. Well, advantage would be you can charge premium (and still cheaper than hotel), like RM300 - 400 per night for a 3 bedroom condo. BUT you might not rent your unit out on daily basis. Usually all these homestays, they are only occupied over weekends. So, have to take into account on the days when it's vacant. And housekeeping is another cost you have to take into consideration. 

One of the websites you can use to advertise your homestay is www.ibilik.my and www.airbnb.com 

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Lets say if u manage to rent out during every weekends for 300rm, a month u can get 1200rm, dont think its enough to cover loan repayment and maintenance since its mainly rented to tourists, some may not take care of the property at all.

Unless its a tourist super-hotspot that u can rent out frequently other than weekends then only its worth investing.