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I have an aunt who bought a condo unit in Mont Kiara many years ago. Can't remember what was the condo called but she paid around RM800,000 for a unit. Now each unit is more than a million ringgit! She told me that I could have invested in a unit here, rent it out and then sell it when the price is right. How am I going to afford it now? Should I have listened to her and bought it earlier?


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@Shue ... there's still good condo selling below 1mil in MK. If u really look into it u might need to do some homework as i know quite some number of owner in MK now is about to let go their unit.

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Ah, it's a given la that the prices in Mont Kiara are insane. Expat oriented place. I personally don't see the appeal of living there, it's so overcrowded with concrete jungles. There's in fact no more land now that they are pushing into Segambut Dalam. =.=

Have any of you ever tried driving right through Segambut Dalam and end up straight at Publika? And have any of you seen any of the new properties at Segambut Dalam which are being advertised to be in Mont Kiara or something like that? Horrendous and overpriced! @_@

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@johnshen831 you say that quite some number of owners in MK are about the let go of your unit. Do you know some inside news?? ;) do you know why are they letting go? Are they afraid of a price crash in MK and don't want to hold on to their units any longer??

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@Dianne Well, I think when my aunt told me about this was around the same time she purchased a unit. No matter how much I earn also I doubt I will have the downpayment ready.

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Buy first property. Cash out after few years make profit and invest again. Repeat the process and eventually we get to own one of the concrete on MK.Haha

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Property market in Malaysia is still low compare to others. You don't have to start by buying high end condo, you can start at the price range which you are comfortable with. As long as you start, after a couple of years down the road, you will feel proud as that you have made the right decision..

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Over the roof and now spilling over to the next immediate neighborhoods like Segambut/Dutamas and North Kiara. If Mont' Kiara prices are too high, perhaps these are the areas you can look into. Lower bucks with bigger floor space, and some premium workmanship too.

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@Diane ... no market crash in Mont Kiara. Just that sometime, if lucky enough you will bump into some owner they willing to let go their unit below market asking price. Some people might wanna migrate or let go their unit urgent then buyer side might have a bigger room to bargain the price la ... :)

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Try to buy a property that you can afford. Property is a few years investment and u cant assume what will happen in between. So don't force urself, u can try from middle high end condo to start ur investment.

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My estate agency has been dealing with properties in Mont Kiara for the last 5 years, yes there has been an increase in pricing in Mk. but mind you a lot of the owners bought their units from developers , thus the low entry. i agree that because of the increased in pricing in MK, surrounding areas have taken advantage and try to compete with the pricing but still lower than MK, but unless you are buying for your own stay, i wont recommend buying it for investment. my rental market has always been on the Jalan Kiara 1 especially if they have the budget. if they dont then they will stay in the other side nearer to segambut area.

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@johnshen831 oooh.. ! ok.. so sad to know. Lol! But yea it makes sense because I had a friend who bought a double storey terrace house in Sri Hartamas for approximately RM550k only in about 2013. It was super underpriced because the owners were going back to their own country and had to get rid of the house in a space of 2 weeks. Or at least get a buyer in 2 weeks. And guess where she found that deal. In a newspaper's classifieds!

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How is the prices in MK now  6 months after the above postings? Generally market is bad. Is there any price drop in MK??

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is there a demand to rent at I Zen Kiara 1 or other condos as i am looking to invest.

looking for condo with ~900sq ft

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3-5 Years ago then it's good for investment but the price now is not suitable for investment. Based on the ROI, may not able to cover all the cost needed.

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MK is overprice due the area was matured. When a place is matured, it doesnt make sense for invest due alot of developer will give future market price.

Recommend you buy outstation project. is more good for you.

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Yea, it may be overprice but the price psf is still consider low compares to the soho/sofo, service suites available in Klang valley.

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@JohnL first home may be considered pricey for a starter in mont kiara but like in any areas, start with one which you can afford, maybe with an area which you are familiar with. then slowly to one you are fond of. =) 

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Many years ago RM800,000 and now more than a million... you must factor in the holding cost between those years such as Quit Rent, Maintenance Fee, Taxes to safely say really make a profit when you sell.

An easy way to gauge whether really it is a great deal for yourself or not. Let's say you have RM800,000 spare cash in your bank account right now. Would you invest one unit by cash purchase, or consider other investment options? That is your answer.

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@Sheu thanks for sharing