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I have an aunt who bought a condo unit in Mont Kiara many years ago. Can't remember what was the condo called but she paid around RM800,000 for a unit. Now each unit is more than a million ringgit! She told me that I could have invested in a unit here, rent it out and then sell it when the price is right. How am I going to afford it now? Should I have listened to her and bought it earlier?


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Yea, it may be overprice but the price psf is still consider low compares to the soho/sofo, service suites available in Klang valley.

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@JohnL first home may be considered pricey for a starter in mont kiara but like in any areas, start with one which you can afford, maybe with an area which you are familiar with. then slowly to one you are fond of. =) 

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Many years ago RM800,000 and now more than a million... you must factor in the holding cost between those years such as Quit Rent, Maintenance Fee, Taxes to safely say really make a profit when you sell.

An easy way to gauge whether really it is a great deal for yourself or not. Let's say you have RM800,000 spare cash in your bank account right now. Would you invest one unit by cash purchase, or consider other investment options? That is your answer.

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@Sheu thanks for sharing