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OMG I just heard from my colleague, PJ Centrestage is SO BAD!!! so much for new development is awesome and all the crap! Hear this!

- Toilet perpetually stinks because of bad piping

- Less than 1 year all the toilet inside fittings start to rust

- Small baby flies coming out from toilet drains

- Water always coming out from toilet drainpipes (EWWWWWWWW!!!)

- Quality of building VERY BAD! The moment she tried to drill a hole in the wall a whole chunk of the wall came off! 

- No proper service lift so the hotel restaurant just use the normal lift with rubbish water trailing on the floor all the way into lift

- Always got lift spoil, out of the 3 lifts always only like 2 working

- Because she was one of the first few tenants, they didn't tell her which is her designated parking spot. So when she parked in a random spot they clamped her even though the management already knows they did not tell her which is her designated spot! (wth?!)

- Management sucks!

She moved out the moment her lease ended! Her neighbour? Her neighbour didn't even wait! STAY AWAY FROM PJ CENTRESTAGE!!!!! O_O""


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:-/ this, really helps. thanks for sharing. or else we wont know about it. because we are not staying there. the building looks really wow (externally)..

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Thanks for sharing. This is the type of insider "news" that we want to know. The smallest unit there is selling at RM1000 per square foot!!!

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Wow! It was said that the serviced of this apartment is run by Best Western hotel chain. LOL

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- Small baby flies coming out from toilet drains????

- Water always coming out from toilet drainpipes?????????

Maybe its just one unlucky unit? Any other people facing similar problems?

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Thank God I did not buy this place was mulling about it for a while. But after seeing how empty it is and the bad comments I made the right choice.

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Very sad to hear all this problem... is this another lousy made in Malaysia development or the problem with the property management??

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I did visit my friend once in that place, the water in the bathroom ... forever remain stagnant like a baby swimming pool. 

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yupp... all true! and its not just that unit's issue. iv heard from other friends who have stayed there and all the units are kinda like that.. booo 

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just recalled, hot water supply also not constant... sudden hot sudden cold (not sure whether they had fixed that or not)

from what i experience it is giving me a thermocline (worst than my diving experience)

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Stay here for a year plus, can't wait to move out, worst maintenance I ever seen, first class facilities, puiiii !!!!!! just like a low cost flat, RM1k per square feet, my foot

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wow sounds like they got some serious improvement to be done.

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Any latest experience to share? 

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Thats 5 years ago... any recent experience?

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 There is a lot of rules & regulations on property agent on but very lenient to property manager, no proper SOP to enforce on property manager. Always her agent and agency get penalties, but for property manager...