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I need help with some advice, please? 

Basically, I bought a newly launched condo BEFORE GST was being announced and implemented. It was under the DIBS scheme and I only need to pay 5% downpayment upfront. And I actually double and triple confirmed with the sales person, that I will not be charged GST and she said definitely not, because I sign the S&P agreement BEFORE GST was implemented.

Now (after more than 2 years), it's time for me to pay the remaining 5%. And guess what????? I am being charged GST!!!! Apparently, this is because the property I bought is under Commercial status even though it's a residential condo. But I reconfirmed with developer during signing of S&P and they assured me that I will NOT be charged because I sign S&P before GST implementation!!!!!!!

Please advice! :(


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Probably not the agent, it is the developer...

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Veronica, the Developer is supposed to bear the GST based on two key points:-

1. Property is for residential purposes on commercial land title. However Developer has to prove to Customs that it is used for residential purposes. Normally, this properties are called serviced apartments / serviced residences.
2. Check your SPA if there is any GST clause stating that Purchaser has to pay for GST. If there are no clauses touching on GST issue, Developer must bear and pay for the GST.

- Manager in a Developer Company

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It could be respective sales staff / agent who "assumed" that as long as purchasers sign the SPA before 1 April 2015, they would be exempted from paying for GST. The actual fact is GST is charged according to the date of billing instead of date of signing the SPA. 

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Thanks a lot for your advise, @elitefoong