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The management office especially the Michael Eng is a total thrash. They won't protect your safety and they even threaten their own residents. This is not a good place to stay because when you want to reason with the people there, they will just raise their voice and threaten you. That idiotic brainless useless Michael Eng should be fired. He yelled at us and said things like he is our neighbor and he knows where we live and what can we do to him? He forgot the fact that we, owners are the ones who actually pay for their salary and he was so damn rude. Who does he think he is? Government servant? Or king of the community?

Please reconsider if you want to live here. It will definitely be a better place without the bunch of rogues being your security guards. Why should I pay the management office that only creates troubles for me?


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wow, sad to see this...where is this happened? Bukit OUG? you should really spread this among the community or outsider as well !

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hi Nicholas. Yes it is in Bukit OUG Condo. I wish to spread it too. So I started here. Are you looking for property? if you are, please don't overlook the management aspect. :)

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I will share this post to my facebook ! oic..not really, but if the management sucks, then GG la..

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Hi Steph, it's unfortunate that you had to endure a treatment like that. Nobody deserves to be threatened. I have not experienced anything like that before.

The only situation I faced was when I lodged a complaint to my building management of noisy tenants living above my unit. It's disturbing, especially at night! They jump up and down in their unit and laugh and talk loudly. And they smoke at the balcony! So my laundry kena their ashes and cigarette smoke! The first time it happened, the tenants were told to leave. Now the agent leased the unit to another group that is noisy also. How ah? Very frustrating leh. The management told me that the agents will interview tenants before allowing them to rent. This agent probably didn't care at all.

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@Pissed_BukitOUG That sounds really bad. When is your next AGM for the JMB? I think you all as residents should have enough people to vote him off the board. @_@

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@virspirit, hey thanks for doing that!!! what is your facebook name? let's add each other then. I appreciate it.

@Lee, are you a resident at Bukit OUG as well? Omg it must be very annoying and terrible to have washed fragrant clothes eventually smell like cigarette. I couldn't stand either if i were you. Maybe you could collect the clothes before they start smoking again? I hate inconsiderate people. I think we should gather the angry residents and abolish the stupid management.

@Diane, I have no idea. And I don't think this is open to all residents since whole the management is so dark. Anyways, I thank you for your concern.

This is awful. > < Help spread the words and let the management office know that the residents are not as easy as they think! :)

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@Pissed_BukitOUG No, I'm not a resident there (thank GOD!). I'm staying in Kelana Jaya. Problem is, you can never tell when they start smoking. Sometimes you think it's in the morning, other times, evening and/or night. You know what, sometimes I find kacang shells on my balcony. My God, they cannot throw in the bin ah? Must throw down on other people's balcony. Very very inconsiderate, I tell you! Haih.

I hope your situation gets resolved soon, though. All the best to you!

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Sad i know that feel bro l large
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Sorry to hear that. I am sure this is not the only condo or apartment with horrible management or tenant. One of the many headaches staying in a condo, I guess.

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sorry to hear that