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Hi, i'm a newbie here. May I ask what is the role of an estate agent? How they locate sellers & buyers/tenants? As for the valuers, is there a high demand of property valuers in Malaysia? How much is the minimum salary for a valuer. What it takes to be a successful valuer? Can i be a licensed estate agent & property valuer at the same time. What is the difference between valuer & appraiser? What is the job scope for a property manager? I'm planning to study Bachelor Degree of Estate Management.in TARUC. TARUC is famous for its accounting, many employers tend to employ the accounting graduates from TARUC, however may I know if this same applies to Estate Management graduates? Need advice from seniors & sifus in this industry. Sorry for the many questions asked, you can answer any question & give any comments, yours engagement is highly appreciated. (In fact, I still have a lot of questions to ask :P ) Thanks.


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u can get more info from BOVAEA (LPPEH) www.lppeh.gov.my

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there are other private institutes that are providing courses en-route to the above profession u mentioned. check it out. one of them is Good Institute www.goodinstitute.my

Those options might be faster i.e. u can complete in shorter duration.

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You can also look into University of Auckland - Bachelor of Property (BProp) 

but then again... it really depends on what is your goal and career path that you had planned.

having a double degree for myself does not really put me into those field that i study at the end of the day.