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TWY Mont Kiara


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Freeman, is this the unit that behind the condo they built a big stadium? 

I am not sure which project it is in MK, but there is a big stadium build behind the condo and initially it was 3 block, 1 block being occupied by Hotel at the end of the day.

Also the surprising part is that, when initially they sell this project, they mentioned it is Freehold and when my friend sign the SnP that time it was LH and yet he signed the SnP. 

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Seen it somewhere before. From pictures look really luxury and beautiful. Would be nice to live in there. Who's the developer?

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@imronaldsoo, are you referring to Arte Mont Kiara? 3 blocks, got middle block from dono what floor onward will occupied by Hotel wan...if so, that's a really interesting stuff we can find out more why (freehold to leasehold) xD as I visited there, they said is LH now la..

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Ronald, it is behind MK28 and beside Meridin. Should be not the stadium.

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Veron, it is from Symphony life.

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@virspirit yes it is Arte Mont Kiara :) 

as usual those sales people can promise the sun and moon

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thank you for good sharing