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According to cari, 经济不景气,导致房产买气低迷!雪州政府担心高楼住宅产业供过于求,决定冻结发出新产业计划的兴建准令长达6个月,从2016年1月1日之后提呈的申请都会受影响。

Seems like quite serious uhhh, freezing new property development !  Indication of something? I think will have quite a big impact? What do you guys think? 


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on closer analysis, neighbourhoods which are commonly classified as oversupplied may not necessarily be so. For example, Mont Kiara. Most ppl would say there are too many units there now. But look into the numbers and you'll see that htere is a goood mix of sizes and price ranges due to age of completion. Hence, there is not as much direct competition as some may imagine for MK. 

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Now the state authority is saying that the freeze is to allow for introduction of new guidelines.... better for consumers/homebuyers

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if indeed to introduce better guidelines, then good. But if just to "cari makan" or make life more difficult for all, then should just release.

Another thing, no point in keep introducing more and more guidelines and requirements when enforcement is such a joke. It just increases compliance costs which are passed on to buyers, while the half past six developers continue to flout the law at the expense of the law abiding ones

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thank you for good sharing