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You can get your property license to practice in these three easy steps:

Step 1: Obtain a pass in all six subjects in an examination set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia.

Step 2: After passing all the six subjects in Part 1, candidates will be allowed to sit for the Part 2 of the examinations set by the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia.

Step 3: After passing the two written examinations, a post qualifying practical experience of two years with a registered estate agency is necessary before being eligible to apply for the Test of Professional Competence. After passing this test the candidate will be qualified as an estate agent and can be registered to practice.

you need the 2 year apprenticeship, you cannot get this done alone. Its a diploma course.

Saw somewhere else, so just sharing this. Anyone can verify this or any 'shortcut' or alternative way to become agent? :D

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Eh? Need to take exam to be a property agent in Malaysia meh? I don't think so. Only need to pay about RM400 plus to sit for a full day course to obtain a certificate and agent ID card to be a certified property agent. But apparently, there's many property agents out there who are not certified and did not attend the course but still able to be one. They get their colleagues who are certified to help them process the paperwork and sign for it. There's loop hole. MIEA should enforce at least 1 exam and those who pass the exam can be a property agent. It's way too easy to be a property agent in Malaysia.

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I have no idea..just sharing, so need verify from the agents too :D @HJ I agreed, seems like anyone can become property agent nowaday..

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Hi @vispirit and @HJ , the term for AGENT in Board is license holder need to sit for exam, practice and interview by Board only can get license to open agency. For those who pay RM 400++ to sit for 1 day course (which is compulsory now) is to get NEGOTIATOR code (license) to conduct our practice.

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Check with Good Institute @ The principal John Lee will be able to give u a full and detail explanation on this. Tel: 03 5611 9671

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Well what Nicholas mentioned is if you want to become a Real Estate Agent (who operate a Real Estate Company) that you can then recruit your RENs (Real Estate Negotiator).

For RENs the steps are a little different. 

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Now for REN also they try to make it make difficult... yearly renewal payment has been introduced. 

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@ppnnkk2011 not only that... CPD as well :) 

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@Aack2001 actually it is a really good idea, since govt asked us to have more than 2 jobs.

I was thinking of driving a coffee truck while performing viewing with the customer so that at least when customer are thirsty, they still can have a cup of nice blended coffee of their choice :)

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Latest i heard, BOVAEA retracted the letter that required REN to have CPD. 

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@ppnnkk2011 from last when i attended some courses from MIEA, it is coming back for REN but different kind of CPD and only certain place are qualified to organize this CPD courses for REN.

Without this, next year renewal will be tough

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Is it about how to become property agent or what is the requirement to set up property agency? need some clarification, coz my frens does not take so many papers also work as an property agent with property developer or property agency.

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"The graduates are fully exempted from taking the BOVAEA`s written examination and are eligible to register as Probationary Estate Agent with BOVAEA upon graduation."

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REN need to attend half day course every year to get their badge renewed... already started

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yeah, the half day course is conducted by BOVAEA

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@virspirit good sharing