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This is an alert from a property owner who has been conned by two Pakistani guys. They did not pay rent, utility bills, ran dubious businesses from his house and then abandoned the premises when they were done. Please beware of them and DO NOT rent to them.

A police report has been lodged, a report from the owner and the passports of both culprits are as per below.

"Dear Property Owners and Agents, please be aware and extra careful when you deal with foreign tenants. (Not all are bad as I have rented my premises to many good and sincere foreigners). However, the above two Pakistanis, Hafiz Muhammad Talha Saeed and Mohsin Ali (as per passports) are conmen who will use your pemises for dubious purposes and end up not paying rental for months including utilities. After leaving your property in ruin, they will just abandon the premises without notice and even have the cheek to claim back their more than used-up deposits. I have reported to the police and relevant authorities with the hope that others do not fall victims to these two unscrupulous characters in the future."


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99% of my owner reject all foreigner to rent their units even in high rental also no point.

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I believe not all foreign tenants are despicable, but some of them do diminish the reputation of the foreign tenants market. Thus, some owners would just cut the fuss and reject foreign tenants once and for all. Well, just be aware of the news shared above!

But... "Jangan biar nira setitik rosak susu sebelanga" - Dont despise the entire foreigner market just because of this!

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Thank you for sharing this information. 

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Yeap, thanks for sharing definitely!

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Thanks for sharing. Definitely will keep an eye on these two.

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Pakistani are famous with their scamming culture, even Pakistan also will cheat back their own kind. This is their culture. Be extra alert when dealing with Pakistan tenants.

*Based on a true story told by a Pakistan friend.

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Thanks for sharing, will alert on it.

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yes. thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing. Will be alert to this.

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Mind to ask the location of the place. Just an approximate will do. Thanks.

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Hi all, this happened in Kota Damansara. Owner also quoted that some of the things left behind in owner's apartment included correspondence to them from other addresses in Kepong and Kiara. Guess they are going around conning people at different locations. Also, owner is not too sure how they also got hold of some unused cheque books that don't seem to belong to them - further proof that they are indeed conmen!

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wah what kind of fishy businesses are they into...

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@yinwey good sharing